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he Webcomic Factory, a premiere hub of quality webcomics, is launching its latest title The Horror of Colony 6 starting this Tuesday, September 7th. The story is set In a future where humans have conquered space. With technology and civilization they have brought pollution and corruption to the universe — and on Colony 6 something went wrong.

The Horror of Colony 6 is written by Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo with art by Texas based illustrator Tommy Phillips. “I think this will be a fun new twist on the zombie subgenre,” says DiGerolamo “and like a lot of zombie stories, there’s a metaphor in there about the environment, technology and whether or not mankind can handle it.”

“It’s a heavy tale,” says Phillips. “As a horror webcomic it works because you can’t just flip to the back of the book and spoil the ending. We hope readers will respond and boomark us to come back each week.”

The Webcomic Factory posts a new comic every day of the week. The Horror of Colony 6 will be updated with a new page every Tuesday.

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