Here at Major Spoilers we like reading comics, and we know you do, too.  But how often do you re-read the issues you pick up at the store?  For me, I usually end up reading most of my issues twice – once for fun, once for critique.  I know some people who don’t read their issues at all, and others who read a book until it falls apart in their hands.

I’m working on something at the moment and could use some feedback from The Legion of Major Spoilerites.

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  1. Aw damn it! I didn’t read everything carefully. I read the question in the title and went straight to the choices not realizing that the question for the choices was different. I selected Zero since I don’t re-read them when it should have been one because i read them once and bag them.

    It is a very rare thing that I take out a single issue to re-read. Mostly I’ll just buy the trade. I don’t even re-read my trades much. Some trades I haven’t read at all (because I read them in single issues before they were traded). When I reviewed for the site, I’d read the issue over about 4 times though.

  2. Most issues are one-time reads, however, I always set a stack of cool issues or complicated stories that I want to revisit them again…

  3. I have very little space to keep comics; so I read it once, and if I don’t like it, it gets sold to Half Price Books. If I do really enjoy it, I read it every time I think about it until it falls apart in my hands. ^_^ The only exceptions are when the story is meh, but the art is really attractive. Then I look over it until I get tired, and then, it goes to Half Price Books. (that doesn’t count as re-reading though…)

  4. There should really be a “Multiple times depending on the issue” option.

    I will read an issue that I really like at least twice when I get it. Then I have a habit of taking it out and reading it again months or years later if I by chance think of it or to read a mini straight through from start to finish.

    Then there are the issues that are a total bust. These I don’t necessarily finish so they don’t count as a read at all.

  5. Doctor Sleepless on

    I usually only read an issue once, unless it hooks me (Like Wolverine 01 this week). But I also do go back and re-read especially fun/complex runs after some time has passed. If I were to average it all out (Including the Morrison re-re-re-reads) It will average out to about two reads per issues I’ve ever owned, loaned or otherwise.
    Once for fun and another for complete appreciation, and to pick up slack.

  6. I voted “I continuously reread all of my comics”, simply because that is why I buy them, to read. I do have some I buy for “value”, but it is always personal value, not “investments”. Most of the time, if I’m reading a specific series (let’s use Green Lantern for instance), I’ll re-read the previous months and then my new one just to keep the story flowing. If it is a multi-part storyline, I’ll usually re-read the whole thing again once I have the final part. And I usually take a few with me to my doctors appointments and procedures so I have something to read in the waiting or recovery room that doesn’t have “50 Ways to Please Your Man” on the cover.

  7. I find single issues only twice is enough for me. Trades on the other hand are more frequent, cause it’s easier to grab off the shelf when I have nothing else to read.

  8. It depends:

    If it’s Batman or GL no I just reads em’ then throws em’ on eBay.

    If it’s Watchmen or Chew of-corse, multiple times.

    And because of that I have to not vote in this one.

  9. I voted “I continuously reread all of my comics” because I can see my set of Adventure Comics w/the Prince Gavyn Starman and have to read it again, along with “52”.

  10. I reread previous books, when I buy a new book. (if it is a series with a continuing story that is). Other than that I find myself rereading the things I bought when I was young way more than the things I bought recently (in the last 4 years)

  11. I was strongly tempted to say once, but my 10 year old son has started asking me questions about superheroes and comics events. It’s given me both motivation and excuse to pull out my back issues and re-read them with him.

  12. Well..I don’t buy the trades so I am always going back and finding, completing, and reading every arc ever created. Finding the single issues is my life.

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