We had a lot of entries in the Major Spoilers Twitterpitch Contest, and we’ve narrowed the finalists to five well thought out story lines for the current Legion of Super-Heroes.  Take the jump to read the finalist entries, and then vote on your favorite.  The winners get something cool from the Major Spoilers stash and an illustration of four of your Legion of Super-Heroes characters by Kristen and Adriana of Super Future Friends fame.

ENTRY ONE – Legion of Justice

Characters: Superboy(Kon-El), Thunder, XS, Mon-El, Rond Vidar, Female descendant of J’onn J’onzz

The Pitch: After the fall of the UP, a new team emerges to show the galaxy the true meaning of heroism, as “The Legion of Justice”

ENTRY TWO – Darkseid’s Plan

Characters: Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, Dream Girl, Timber Wolf

The Pitch: 1yr of calm and peace makes the LSH bored, lazy and even questioning the need to stay together. Just as Darkseid has planned.

ENTRY THREE – This Land is My Land

Characters: Star Boy, Ultra Boy, Alchemist, Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, Projecta

The Pitch: they find a new uncivilized world. They establish new governments on separate continents and advance the planet while feuding.

ENTRY FOUR – Legion of Rascals

Characters: Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, and Ultra Boy

The Pitch: The 6 are turned into preteens a la TNG ep “Rascals” & must work together to get back to normal b4 its too late.

ENTRY FIVE – Physics from Superheroes!

Characters: Brainiac 5, Atom Girl, Element Lad, Princess Projectra, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad

The Pitch: DC does it’s part to help kids learn physics by publishing new series “Physics from superheroes!”. The title says it all.

Five finalists, only one winner.  Who will it be?  It’s time for you to cast your vote!  The winner will be announced September 15, 2010.


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  1. Darn it! Got behind on podcasts and forgot to get my pitch in.
    Oh well, here goes.

    Legion Luthor
    Characters: Bouncing Boy, Cosmic Boy, Ultra Boy, LIghtning LAd, Brainy 5, Satrun Girl, Phantom Girl.
    Pitch: To save the timeline and ensure that Supes has an enemy to push him to greatness, the Legion must travel to pre-crisis DCU and sabotage the experiment where boy Lex loses his hair, causing his turn to villany. Back in the future, they meet their altered selves from the pre-crisis DCU, the LUTHOR LEGION.

  2. I was really torn between the Legion of Justice and Darkseid’s Plan. Ultimately I went with the LoJ because DP could end up being just a whole lot of talk around a table if done wrong.

    • yep, had to go Justice Legion over DP, too. the whole 4th World needs to rest for a few years after the Final Crisis fiasco. (including whatever is going on with Dr. Impossible’s team.)

    • I preferred Darkseid- it all depends on the writer- I’d rather have an intelligently written story- thats what the LSH needs- not another slugfest title.

      Think about it like this- you get Loeb on this- and you just get Ultimates 3. Yuk!

      You get Wolfman/Starlin/Giffen on Darkseid- sweet!!!!

  3. I had to pick Legion of Justice. The current story line doesn’t hold up, so I think LoJ would be good to spark some light into it. It would be a good way to lead the book to a couple of the other stories.

    I also liked entry three and four because Saturn Girls cool and my daughters love her.

  4. Another Brian G on

    Funny! I liked the same two. But preferred darkseids plan b/c it could really be an event that get lsh attention to a larger audience as a cool event. I liked loj but its ultimately not lsh.

    The other 3 just don’t work. Physics is corny. Rascals is a rip off and a tired one. Land is out of character for the team. Plus I love some darkseid.

  5. I’d read the Physics series, but that’s really more an educational series than a “comic book” series.

    I hate, loathe and despise Darkseid as a character, so I have no desire to see him ever again.

    Rascals–cute, and it reflects the numerous Silver Age “Legion tots” series, but unless it was done Tiny Titans style, I don’t think I’d be interested.

    LoJ sounds interesting, but for my tastes, it’s too much a JLA-in-the-future lineup instead of an LSH lineup. Maybe if it had a different cast of characters: Dawny, Wildfire, Jan, Tinya, Thom and and Tasmia!!!

    “This Land,” however, plays into the current xenophobia storyline and could lead to some interesting stories about 31st century colonialism, government, religion, sociology, etc. It also reminds me of Legion Worlds in reverse: 6 different views of society placed side-by-side on one planet.

    So I voted for Land….

  6. Jonathan Cadotte on

    Man, I am so stoked to be nominated “This Land Is My Land”. Thank you for those who’ve voted for my pitch so far, and to any who may still vote.

  7. Well, it doesn’t look like my Rascals are going anywhere… but that’s okay, honestly I came up with the idea because I thought Adriana and Kristen would enjoy drawing preteen Brainiac 5. :)

  8. Legion of Justice is just a JLA in the future, Darkseid’s plan is already being done to a certain extent (just take out Earth Man), This Land is My Land has them fighting each other!, Rascals could be cute, but I voted for the physics one because seeing it applied to crazy, wholly theoretical, applicable only to the insane, far flung future tech or techniques on unsuspecting villains that are only prepared for a punch in the face or being zapped!!! And then it would get even more fun when the smarter villains jump in. DC wants the silver age, there you have it.

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