Kick-Ass 2 kicks off in CLiNT magazine


Mark Millar’s CLiNT Magazine is available on stands now, and includes the first part of Kick-Ass 2.

CLiNT issue #1 also sees two of the UK’s most outspoken TV personalities present their comic debuts! Jonathan Ross mixes vampires, aliens and gangsters in slick period thriller Turf, illustrated by acclaimed American artist Tommy Lee Edwards, while Frankie Boyle introduces “The Renaissance Man of Madness” in supervillain strip Rex Royd.

“I’ve worked on everything from Spider-Man comics to the Iron Man movie for Marvel in New York, but CLiNT really excites me” says Millar, whose genre-busting Kick-Ass scooped the number one movie spot in America and whose previous work includes Wanted, starring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. “I think CLiNT has potential to make an enormous impact, bringing a new type of magazine to a new generation. It’s edgy and irreverent, it’ll be the kind of thing guys will be passing around lunch-halls and common rooms.”

via Titan Publishing