There’s a new trailer our of Norway making the rounds this morning. Trollhunter follows a group of students who are documenting their investigation into the truth that the Norwegian government is covering up the existence of trolls.

It’s all very Blair Witch meets Cloverfield, but it might be worth checking out when it eventually lands on DVD.


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  1. Was a tad bit interested…until one of them had to utter the words “Michael Moore” as if in the same vain as any famous whistleblower or invstigative filmaker in history. Like as if Moore was some kind of revered pioneer docu filmaker, when he is nothing but pure sensationalism and purely subjective. Moore needs to move to Cuba where he, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone sing the same praises.

  2. Doctor Sleepless on

    Wait, so because you disagree with a a guy politically (Mind you, most of us do) you are discarding the whole movie. And because they in the trailer mention his name in a “positive” light… And without context, for all you know its being done sarcastically (And this movie is Norwegian, I’m Scandinavian, everything in this trailer is ironic) Didja you read the premise?

    And Moore while not exactly an auteur, is maybe the worlds currently most successfully Documentary Film-Maker. These people are supposed to portray documentary film-makers. If he were to pull out an example to work as a motivator, which he does in the clip… That’s what he would do.

    Mentioning Michael Moore is like bringing up Bill Gates to a programmer… Sure the codemonkey might use Linux. But to him Ol’ Willie still serves as an example of success in the field.

    And no you are not angry that he didn’t bring up Bob Woodward or a better example.. You just got pissed off that they mentioned a guy you despise politically, hence your last line… That’s not even childish, that’s weird. Can’t watch movies with people you wouldn’t go along with in real life? That narrows down your entertainment choices quite a bit, find a way around it.

    • While I particularly despise Michael Moore, his “documentary” practices and overall, well, everything, I didn’t care one way or another about them mentioning him. I got it, if you’re trying to make an edgy, deeply introspected/deconstructionist movie and reference someone like Woody Allen, it would make sense due to the context that you’re talking about. I would say though that if they’re trying to harken their “real” documentary about trolls (or ultimately Goblins in the village of Nilbog) to such other great and honest documentarians like Michael Moore then they picked the wrong guy. Name almost any other documentary filmmaker besides maybe the guy from Super Size Me and people would give you a blank stare so yeah it makes sense who they’d mention.

      I just thought that if you’re going to make a movie dealing with that subject matter, you better give people a little something in the trailer that’s actually interesting. I HATED the Blair Witch Project, I mean I can find other ways to give myself a migraine that are more entertaining than watching that mess, but I really enjoyed Cloverfield. It could be just a first draft trailer, so I reserve ultimate judgement either way. I would just like to see a better trailer that actually showed something that would actually make people want to see it besides a couple guys driving around and then running with night vision on.

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