It's So Sad...

This issue: You know what sucks? When you favorite thing ends and leaves you hanging.


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  1. They should NEVER have canceled Firefly and ATS (Angel The Series). I loved those shows and seen how the new season played out in the Angel comic (L.A. goes to hell, literaly) would have been so cool to see on TV…

    My favorite Firefly moment is the one were Mal having realised that Jayne betrayed them and almost got them all killed is about to flush him out of an airlock, Jayne breaks down and starts begging, not for his life, but so Mal doesn’t say to the rest of the crew what he had done and lie to them saying he died because of an accident or something. The psycho killer out for number one in what he believes to be his last moments realised he actually cared what his crew, his friends and basicaly his familly thought of him, that was a beautiful moment.

    • I agree with Firefly, and unfortunately I’d never heard of it until watching Serenity on DVD a few years ago and then going and watching some of the episodes. It had a lot of places that it could have gone. I have to say though that I just wasn’t all that disappointed with the loss of Angel, I would have been because I really liked it and I liked the cast a lot too. In season 3 or 4, I really started disliking the direction of the show after Wesley went from happier, information giving, secondary character guy to moody prick. All in all though, Angel had Charisma Carpenter, so I’d watch anything that she’s in. I haven’t listened yet, but a shortish list of series that I think either ended prematurely or weren’t given a chance is: Heroes (at least a 2-3 hour final movie to tie up some loose ends), ALF (it ends with him captured by the military with the implication he’ll be dissected), Threshold, Invasion, Conviction, Life on Mars, Tru Calling (sorry Eliza Dushku another of your vehicles shot down), The 4400, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Dollhouse (it was really just starting to get interesting), and a bunch more that I don’t feel like going through right now. I just hate when a promising show with a cool premise isn’t given enough time to really take off. I also don’t like My Name Is Earl being cancelled, but what are you gonna do?

      • ALF did have a clear cut resolution. There was a movie that picked up where the series ended and tied everything up. Not a bad movie actually if you enjoyed the TV show.

  2. My favorite Firefly is less dramatic, but at least as laden with feelings. It’s from the episode where Mal picks up a (cheatin’) wife by accident. When Jayne tries to trade Vera (his favorite gun) for Mal’s wife is classic!

    I just got a few VERY SPECIAL episodes of Clone High from a .. err .. legal download site. It’s hilarious!

    • I love Book’s “special Hell” comment in that episode, particulary at the end when Mal gives in “oh I’m going to the special Hell…”

    • I loved that episode for Wash’s line about different cultural traditions. “Some people juggle geese.” I have adopted that as part of my vernacular because I thought it summed everything up so well in situations like that.

  3. Must say, I was surprised to hear ya’ll talking about Sports Night (one of my all time favorites), but then Matthew brought up Southern Knights and I just about spilt my beer. SK was without a dount the best little known comic of all time. Now I need to find my ‘Knights comics in my attic so I can re-read then. And may-be download some Sports Night ep. to watch.

  4. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I was very disappointed to not get a third season of HBO’s Carnivale.

    In comics, not ever seeing Bill Willingham complete “Elementals” was very disappointing. I did appreciate his “Pantheon”, but it just wasn’t the same.

  5. Gonna agree with Tidge on Elementals on comics, but right off my head, the original Star Trek was cancelled before it’s time. As for shows that have ran on too long: The Simpsons.

    P.S. If Rowling did like a Neville spin-off comics, I’d pick up two copies.

  6. as soon as the podcast started playing on my headphones, and stephen had given the topic, I was shouting firefly at my ipod.

    So glad matthew brought that up.

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