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Celestial Crusade

This episode: Season Three of Critical Hit kicks off in a big big way. What and where is Shallai and the Golden Vineyard?


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  1. Definitely a lot of interesting happenings as we get back to the main event. :) The City of Cities is an interesting locale, and quite a different setting from what we’ve found our foes in previously… interesting character introductions, and we’re back to being four against the void.

    Although I hope we haven’t seen the last of ubervillain-in-disguise Thony.

    • I thought he is. Seems like an interesting character.

      I was really hoping the guy that will fly them around would be Thony, would have been great.

      I’m really really glad that Critical Hits is back to normal again and exited about the story.


    • I am guessing that the Commander’s Strike from Warlord is his Dilettante choice from being a Half-Elf. A smart choice considering that Torq is in the group and this allows Ket’s player to essentially force him to mark another target (and he’s built for Basic Melee attacks). Seems like a Vestige Pact Warlock to me.

  2. I like that Rodrigo brought back lantern archons, and kept the old-school idea of archons in the Astral Sea. I’m also loving Rodrigo’s sound effects. I think we listeners should take a drink every time one of you guys makes a cool sound effect.

    At first, I was positive that the PCs were dead and in heaven. Didn’t that happen in Bill and Ted? That would be awesome.

    Weird note: I heard a bunch of, what I think is Stephen but may have been Brian, saying stuff really quiet. Was that intentional role-playing, or was he drifting away from the mic?

  3. Really good kick off for season III! Continue the great work. I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m surprised by Rob’s choice of character. For no reason at all, I expected him to chose a more up in your grill striker type. It’s fun to see Stephen game abilities getting evolving that way. You are not a noob anymore, dude.

    Quick question about that: Does Ket is a multiclassed Warlock/Warlord or a hybrid Warlock or Warlord, as presented in PHB3?

  4. Yay, what a cool episode! I felt a little sad when I looked at the photos and saw Smith’s little miniature being used. :( Poor Smith, I miss him. But Ket is cool too so far. I like his leadership tendencies — it’s not everyone who will give orders to a 3/4 orc :)

    In general: So happy to have my Torqueltones back again! :)

  5. I’m sure when they do introductions in the next episode Ket’s class will be revealed. They are pretty good about letting listeners know who’s playing who/what.

    Great episode, can’t wait for the plot to grow thicker as the party progresses toward their main goal. There better be an appearance by Bane worshippers at some point to make the characters doubt which side is really the right side of this conflict. I love Pantheon Politics, they’re so much fun.

  6. Haha finally the Torkeltones are back once more!!! So excited to hear this new season. I’m thinking about freezing myself and thawing once all the episodes are out so i can listen to them in a row.

    • Rob (fka Smith) on

      You automatically start proficient with it, it just doesn’t have any of the bonuses you would get with other weapons.

  7. Dudes this was an awesome start to the New season!!! Very reminiscent of Planescape. What I enjoy the most of CH as a listener is the role playing of your characters, the fights are good, but nothing beats the role playing bits, of which there were plenty in this episode. Awesome job.

  8. I think Torq didn’t pull out for the same reason he didn’t want to pull out his axe. in character. Out of character, it’s probably because its been a bit since matt played Torq and he forgot about it. just my thoughts, i could be completely wrong. I did like Ket’s entrance. Though i had hoped he might say something like, ” Now Francis, she never told me she was your wife… “

    • I would have had to use an action point in what was basically a non-lethal (for the party or the Minos) fight, because he needed to keep attacking to keep the Minos marked or it would have beaten another player half to death and summoning the dog is a full standard action.

      • would have had to use an action point in what was basically a non-lethal (for the party or the Minos) fight, because he needed to keep attacking to keep the Minos marked or it would have beaten another player half to death and summoning the dog is a full standard action.

        There’s pretty much the whole reason why the Onyx dog doesn’t see as much battle time as it might…

        When I question the overall damage quotient of Torq versus “wasting” an entire standard action striking the dog…

        • Ideally you’d want to summon it during a non-combat situation, since it sticks around 8 hours. If you end up in an encounter that day after those 8 hours have passed, then it’s not a big loss since you probaby wouldn’t have summoned it during battle anyway.

          And since I believe it has very good perception (+7?), so having it active when you guys walk around might be helpful.

          • Yeah, it’s too bad the dog doesn’t get more screen time. I like to see ‘pets’ develop personalities. I let my DM RP my pirate’s parrot (Scuttlebutt) who apparently has a foul mouth (beak) and bowel issues.

  9. Hey, I was wondering if those miniatures were custom made for you guys, and if so…who were they made by? Either way they look incredible, props. And I love the podcast, keep it coming!

    Ps to Rodrigo – You should definitely cameo a Bullywug…they’re the best monster/playable race in the game…just saying

  10. Great start to the new season guys,

    I was expecting Torq to whip out a club.
    He used to be a city guard and they do not normally hack in half drunken citizens with a great-axe.

    Keep up the good works.

  11. XantharTheFlame on

    Just for my own understanding of the rules, in round 3, Torq started his turn with the enemy grabbed. He then proceeded to: a) use 3rd wind (minor action), b) reaping strike + furious assault (standard action), and c) maintain the grab (minor action).

    Was he able to use the 2nd minor action because he essentially cashed in his move action? That wasn’t explicitly stated.

    thanks! Awesome episode and great start to Season 3 guys! Ket sounds like an interesting new character Rob (although I do miss Smith too just like most people).

  12. XantharTheFlame on

    Another question: Maybe I missed the explanation at the start of combat, but how is it that Orem can automatically hit with magic missile now, when before he had to make an attack vs. reflex?


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