So there’s this movie coming out about dragons and stuff.  After Reign of Fire, I would have thought H’wood would have learned its lesson by only keeping dragon tales in the realm of children’s programming.  Enter Age of Dragons.  On the surface, the trailer makes this out to be a regular “let’s kill us some dragons” type movie, but take a closer look – they are taking Herman Melville’s Moby Dick and twisting it around.  Instead of a white whale, it’s a white dragon.  And instead of Ahab, it’s Danny Glover…

“Age of the Dragons” is an adaptation of Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick. Set in a medieval realm where Captain Ahab and crew hunt dragons for the vitriol that powers their world, Ishmael, a charismatic harpooner joins their quest. Ahab’s adopted daughter Rachel, beautiful and tough, runs the hunting vessel. Ahab’s obsession is to seek revenge on a great “White Dragon” that slaughtered his family when he was young and left his body scarred and mauled, drives the crew deeper into the heart of darkness. In the White Dragon’s lair Ahab’s secrets are revealed and Rachel must choose between following him on his dark quest or escaping to a new life with Ishmael.

We’ve talked about adaptations before on the Major Spoilers Podcast, and this one may just take the cake.


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  1. The chick is attractive but couldn’t they have gotten someone better than Danny Glover? That man was embarrasing back in Predator 2. I’m sure he’s worse now. (Not to mention he runs like a duck.) I think the concept is brilliant. I just think that that’s as far as it’s going to go. I don’t see a bright future for this movie.

    (P.s. – if Danny’s a “spear hunter” wouldn’t this make him a dragoon?)

  2. I don’t remember any women on the Pequod…nor do I remember any scenes where any of the characters got it on. At no point did Ishmael and Queequeg do the nasty.

    Still…call me interested.

    See what I did there?


    I love literary puns.

    • Yah, I distinctly remember lots of talk of sperm, of putting your hands into the sperm and digging it out, filling tubs with sperm, and carefully and joyfully manipulating said sperm, but no women in Melville’s original.

      For those in doubt, just google “squeeze of the hand moby dick”

      Ah, gotta love the classics :-)

  3. I like how the trailer leads with a creepy guy spying on a girl getting undressed, rather then plot or showing a dragon or anything.

    Cool idea, looks like bad adaptation and bad movie.

  4. Pantsthemonkey on

    I’m guessing that the movie won’t dig into the psyches of Ahab and Ishmael nearly enough to do the original story justice, and the addition of the romance/sexy-lady element is hoped to distract us dumb D&D nerds from that lack of depth.

  5. I can’t remember a good dragon movie ever been made, either my memory is failing me or that genre doesn’t work that well, plus the trailer seems “standard Hollywood” to me.

    Unneeded romace added in (‘cuz the hero HAS to get the girl, so we need a girl)? Check
    Explosions? Check
    Gratuitous sex/sexy scenes? Check
    Traitor/bad guy part of the team? Check
    Classic gutted, skinned and its remains desecrated to make a buck? Check

    • I may watch it only for the girl though. While I don’t like their need to throw a hot chick into a movie that shouldn’t have one in it, she does look pretty damn hot.

  6. Eh, I’d watch pretty much anything, and it looks like a reasonably good time. We’ll see. Also “How to train your dragon” was pretty good, if a bit cutesy, and also animated.

  7. All this talk of dragons made me think…has there been a live action or animated adaptation of the Dragonriders of Pern series? I wonder now that we have the technology to create realistic looking dragons and flight scenes, someone should dip in that well.

    • They dipped into Eragon already, and that wasn’t too great. I didn’t hate Eragon, I just felt like they had a plot and story there somewhere but it was just executed poorly.

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