Scott Pilgrim vs. The Review

This issue: Rodrigo reviews Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The movie discussion continues as the Pop Culture Trio discuss subtitles, Star Wars on Blu-Ray, and casting actors as superheroes.


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  1. About sub-titles – Stephen, I had a very similar experience to yours with Laputa, except for me it was with Spirited Away. I found the dubbed version to be really off-putting, working too hard to over-explain what was happening, enough that it really took me out of the movie-watching experience. Maybe it’s a “Miyazaki re-packaged by Disney” thing.

  2. Interesting discussion on subtitles in movies. I grew up in Puerto Rico, so similar to Rodrigo, I got to watch a lot of both dubbed movies and foreign movies with subtitles. I definitely prefer the dubbed movies (when done well) over subtitles for one reason. I hear my voice and the actor’s when I read the subtitles in a movie, and it messes with my head. I am the voice of Batman when I read the comic book (although I don’t do the gruff voice a la Bale) but that seems natural for that medium. Anyone else see it that way?

  3. Subtitles aren’t really an issue for me, I see movies in Spanish/French/English and some Asian movies. Oddly enough while the English dub sometimes sounds odd or feels forced when watching Asian movies no such problem exist if you watch it in French, probably because of the higher complexity and depth of the French language compared to English (not a shot at English, it’s a fact). Japanese anime on the other hand, you have to see in subtitles, “Record of Lodoss War” for exemple is one of the greatest RPG/Fantasy series ever made (better then the LoTR series to me) but the English dub is just painfull o hear, which happens rather often because they don’t seem to bother to get good voice actors for the dub sometimes.

    I have to say, I hate Chinese movies they’re all “Romeo & Juliet” with a different setting, if any of the main character ever falls in love you know they’ll die before the end of the movie, either murder or suicide…

    Bollywood makes a hundred times more movies per year then Hollywood, yet one 1 or 2 movies ever make it to the North America movie screens (if any) each year.

    One of the most beloved French Canadian movies of all times is “Slap Shot”, solely because of the Québecois (French) dub job, it’s not good enough to be crap in English but the Québecois dub makes it one of the funniest movies ever.

  4. I watch Anime so I’m used to subtitles as they do not bother me. As far as the Death of the Comic book Movie, meh to me stories are stories regardless of where they come from. The whole thing is weird in this cheering for the comic book movie or trashing it. People will say you have to see this movie support the comics… Well I don’t like that comic, why the heck would I see the movie?!

    Its not about where it comes from, just a good story.

  5. Loved the Scott Pilgrim movie!!! I was extremely impressed, my only complaint was that Kim Pine’s character sucked in the movie. Also I definitely agree with Rodrigo’s comment about Knives appearance at the end of the movie.

    On the subject of the Wolverine: Origins movie I saw the leak and saw how horrible the movie was so I didn’t see it in theaters. I think that may also have something to do with what they did to Deadpool though.

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