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  1. So at first I thought this was one monster and now its several. Pretty creepy how much these things seemed to cause this much chaos in what seemed to be short time. At least I am guessing it is a short amount of time due to the clip.

  2. Cloverfield meets War of the Worlds, huh? Interesting. I’m sure it’s probably going to be awesome building up to it but meh once i see it.

  3. It looks and sounds more like a Jurassic Park and The Mist. Not really getting the District 9 comaprison. Has a bit of a 28 Days Later feel to it.

    As for the Monsters Are Us deal: why, because its set around the US Mexican/Border, Mexico is quaratined off from teh rest of the world adn current events are focusing on AZ’s Illegal Immigration problem? That those that support the AZ bill(like myself, a brown skinned American with Filipino ethnicity BTW). If there’s nothing to hide, why get your skivvies up in a bind? What part of Illegal is not understandable? Its not about race or human rights. Illegal is illegal. Mexico has its own ways of dealing with its illegals and its not pretty. Mexico shouldn’t talk and lecture the US about illegal immigration…they actually benefit from it.
    Don’t blame “Whitey”. Blame the Spaniard Conquistadors that tag-teamed with the Aztecs(who sold out the natives).

    As far as the movie: maybe the signals from the satellite were transmitted from the Aztlan Nation Rising(if that mythical land ever existed at all) radical racist movement like the Brown Berets, La Raza, ReConquista(sounds ironic and stupid at the same time), MEChA, etc, who all believe in the “Republica del Norte” and that AZ,CA,CO,NM,OR,TX,UT, & WA all belong to them. Perhaps thier orignal plan was to have these space creatures gather in Mejico, and have them invade Capitalist Whitey America and “Destroy All Monsters!”.

      • Wow … have to admit that this guy totaly missed the point of what you were saying. I understood it perfectly the first time I read it.

        If anyone wants to know more on the “The Monsters Are Us” mentality in a movie that has space creatures … check out The Day the Earth Stood Still … but PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, check out the original and not the remake. This movie could have these Tripod-y, ameoba-like aliens as their version of Gort.

      • He’s way off, Stephen.
        This movie is clearly about the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. You see, America’s that guy jumping off the ship, man. And the thrown truck, that’s Islam, man. And that quote from Mark Adams of the Sunday Mirror was totally the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

    • The “if you don’t have anything to hide” argument could be made to justify any Fourth or Fifth Amendment violation. Fortunately, our forefathers valued privacy and liberty more than that.
      As to the “whitey comment”, the Spanish Conquistadors were “whitey.”

  4. Just going by that last scene with the truck being grabbed and thrown, I can’t envision the monsters really being us… but who knows. That looks very interesting. Definitely on my radar to see now!

  5. Looks like Cloverfield meets District 9. Speaking of trailers I saw the one for Suckerpunch the other day.

    I had some rather offensive words about it that I will now translate.

    “This looks like the biggest pile of Chavenist, stupid, boring rubbish since TF 2”

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