The Poll of the Week last week was so close, that we are declaring David Kessler and Lawrence Talbot winners. That means they have to go up against Lon Chaney Wolfman and Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein Monster to claim the championship.


FIGHT! Who wins in this tag team death match?

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  1. Though I love the Classic Universal Monsters, Frank and Wolfie have no chance, Frank may have the strength to to kill little girls, and Wolfie can sure hump a mean leg, but against two Wolf powerhouses, call the Meat Wagon for the once Black and White, now all red greats.

  2. Aww come on! Frankenstein is a crutch. He’s too slow to tag any of the modern versions of his partner … and I’ll bet half as strong too. This is a slaughter match unlike any i’ve seen before.

  3. The remake monsters are much more violent and savage then their original counterparts, the Wolfy and Franky are dead meat (pun very much intended)

    P.S.- Am I the only one who misses Matthew’s “poll of the week, week, week…”? The “POW” doesn’t do it for me.

  4. As long as the winner doesn’t have to wear belts as rucking fugly as those new WWE tag team belts unveiled last night. They look like bad props from “300”.

  5. As much as I love the Universal monsters, they’re pretty screwed here. Plus, all the Universal Wolf Man can do is really strangle people. Good luck trying that on extra-large werewolves.

  6. The strength of Frankies vs the wolfmen… I’m giving it to the Wolfmen as their speed can give them the advantage.

  7. Kessler and Talbot would be baffled by their opponents distinct lack of color, allowing Frankenstein’s Monster to slowly and methodically crush their skulls…

  8. CaptainAverage on

    Old school monsters bring a depth of tragedy in their characters, newer guys bring greater horror. Gory horror beats the slow build. (only in a physical fight)

  9. If it’s a question of who do I like more, then it’d be the Universal classics, hands down. But the question is, “Who’d win in a fight?” I’m gonna give this one to the Young Bloods (not the Liefeld kind either). Frankenstein is just too darn slow to pose much of a threat to anyone, plus take into account that his gait is fairly stiff-legged and all you’d have to do is climb three or four step and he’s got nothing going. Unless you’re prepared to put your hand to your mouth and scream incessantly and slowly back your way into a corner and fade to black, I don’t see Frank being much use. The old school Wolfman is a valid threat, if only just so, but he still doesn’t have the ferocity of a David Kessler, I’d say that new Wolfman and old Wolfman might fight to a draw though.

    You want to flip the odds though, pit the actors who played the different roles against each other with the same teams, I guarantee that Universal wins that one. (Unless Benicio is dressed up like Dr. Gonzo from Fear and Loathing, that might buy some votes)

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