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  1. While I haven’t seen the movie to judge the full works, I can say that this is easily the best trailer for any DC movie I’ve ever seen. ANY movie. My jaw litterally dropped. I’m TOO excited about it. It’s just a shame that Darkseid’s VA doesn’t seem to be able to capture Darkseid’s character as well as I would like based on the few lines that I’ve heard him deliver.

    • @ Jinx33: Agreed, indeed! While I still admire the late Michael Turner (I wouldn’t count him as one of the Top Five most influential artists in my list, probably Top Ten, Top 20 for sure though)he was far from my top short list of influences. He had a certain slick style and am glad that they really wanted to incorporate some of that style and some panel-for-panel scenes straight from the pages. Afterall, it really was Turner’s art that made it the succes it was. For a guy who had no real history of these characters(he was aware of the Super Frineds but never really read comics growing up, he was more into fantasy and sci-fi) he nailed it the best way he could. Been to a few SDCCs and saw him at his booth couple times but I never got to actually meet Turner, he died right before the 2008 SDCC….the con where I told myslef to actually fall in line this time and meet the guy all these hot cute girls were going ga-ga for. There are a lot of guys who can draw hot comic book chicks, but there very few artists who don’t look like the typical fanboy/manboy, lol.

  2. Doctor Sleepless on

    Err really? I mean the animation and art-style looks solid. But the trailer was very vanilla and the story was never very good.

  3. “The trailer has been unleashed on the Intardwebz, and comes complete with an epic score making the story feel really big and important.”

    Too bad the actual story sucked donkey balls…

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