If given the opportunity to study at one of the best schools for free, would you jump at the chance? What would you do if suddenly the world you knew was turned completely upside down and something sinister appeared to be plotting against you? Morning Glories takes six teens and throws them in that situation.

Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Joe Eisma
Colors: Alex Sollazzo
Letters: Johnny Lowe
Editor: Kristen Simon
Publisher: Image Comics


I don’t want to peek inside the mind of Nick Spencer, as I’m afraid of what kind of messed up stuff I might find in there. The Orwellian feel of Morning Glory Academy, the students with very distinct personalities, but all with something in common, and a strange room where something is killing kids is enough to send shivers down the spine. From the opening page, readers know something isn’t right with the world Spencer has created, and there is something lurking around that I want to read more about.

Spencer has created a unique group of characters to play in his world, and while they tend to feel a bit stereotypical (The Whore, The Brain, The Psycho, etc.) they work in this first issue. Fortunately, I don’t think the stereotypes are going to continue as the sudden turn in events should cause a reset in most of the players.

This is a fantastic opening issue. It’s a story that makes me want to throw the issue on the floor and run out of the room screaming in terror, but at the same time, the issue is so compelling that I can’t put the issue down. That being said, there are a few elements of concern that did pop up toward the end. While the ending of the issue is shocking, I’m more concerned that it was done for shock value alone, which seems to be something writers are adding to their stories for no other reason than to cause a stir. I think the issue would have been just as strong if the violent reveal was left to the imagination or toned down, but hey, your mileage may vary.

My biggest fear with this series is Spencer will pull a LOST on readers, never explaining the strange bits we really want explained. What is going on with the subliminal message? How much is real, and how much is an illusion? I realize this is the first issue, but already the paranoia Spencer creates is wanting me to know more about the goings on at the school, and I eagerly await the next issue.


If the teaser art we ran on the site several months ago didn’t draw you into checking out Morning Glories, then you are in for a treat when you cast your eyes upon the wonderful work of Joe Eisma on the inside pages.

The women are beautiful to look, the men look like they should be on the cover of Teen Beat. Even the pages that feature dead bodies are rendered wonderfully. They are disturbing, but wonderful nonetheless.


Be warned, there is some strange bizarre stuff going on this first issue – and it is deliciously awesome. From the wonderful art to the eclectic group of characters, Morning Glories is The Breakfast Club meets Cthulhu meets Heroes. Spooky, yet fun, Morning Glories is a title you really need to pick up and earns 5 out of 5 Stars.

Rating: ★★★★★


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  1. Did this just come out or is this scheduled for next weeks release? I’m really excited to read this comic. I remember reading a preview of this on the site a short while ago and was amazed at the incredible few pages I saw. You know, Stephen, your only feeding my hunger for this comic.

  2. Agreed. I was intrigued when I saw the teasers because the art was so good.

    Now, hearing such a positive review, this goes on my to-read list. Thanks for the review, Stephen. Image Comics owes you a thank you card for gaining them a new reader.

    • Same here, I will be picking this up and it’ll mark the first Image comic that I’ve bought since sometime in the 90’s when I picked up a handful of muscle-y gun-toting guy type books out of the quarter bin while my dad dropped me at the comic shop next to the bar he was in. Yeah tad sad or strange, but that explains why I can browse around a comic shop for like 4 hours without noticing the passage of time.

  3. Anonymous Person on

    After reading your review this morning, I hoped it would be in the comic shop I frequently visit as today is the day I pick up my order, luckily there was one copy left! Just finished reading it, fantastic comic and the ending was shocking!

    It’s now on my monthly order, can’t wait to read #2!

  4. You know what really bugs me? How much time passed between the teens entering the car and them getting to school? You’ll note the parents don’t seem to be wearing the same clothes and while we think we know what day it is nowhere do we actually see a calendar. Anyone else thinks they may have been “processed” for a relatively long periode of time? Specialy given what happens to the parents…

    P.S.- Quite a few mangas are based around this sort of setup, so they might soon meet the Sempai/s who want to escape and they’ll get in the futur a Kouhai who will betray them.

  5. Doctor Sleepless on

    I get a more “The Island” vibe than a LOST vibe from it (Hey Lost had an island…this means something) and I’m very glad that is. Oh yeah and the mentioning of Morrison and The Invisibles makes me VERY interested in how messed up this might turn out…

    Oh and the “sociopath/magnificent bastard” gets some of the best lines –If you cant make a character endearing, make him entertaining– I thinks that’s a clever strategy, and it worked for Damian and Daken.

  6. Venomous Duck on

    I bought this today. Amazingly it was the last copy at my LCS as well. It was a little roughed up (the back cover was wrinkled up and had a tear in it) but i picked it up anyway. I have to say it was pretty good. I’ve just gotten back into comics recently and been looking for a few things to read every month. This looks like a winner so far. On a scale of black to orange where orange is the highest rating, I give it a strong score of “Ocean Master toenail”

  7. I guess I should be a little concerned that I didn’t feel terrified by this book. I loved reading it though, and enjoyed the awkward moment between the geek and the over-achiever. It had a great blend of funny parts and WTF moments. I can’t wait to read more of this series. They better not pull another Foundation on me though.

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