The new series for the Legion of Superheroes is now underway, and it’s gotten mixed reviews. Think you can do better?

Of course you can!

Now, everyone has their favorite Legionnaires and their own idea of what the legion should be about. So here’s the challenge, we want you to go to Twitter and send us your pitch for what, given editorial power, you would do with the legion. The catch? It’s gotta be 280 characters or less.

Pitch us your concept for The Legion of Superheroes in two tweets. The first one should detail which characters you’d use, the second is a short pitch for the story line. Tag them with #legionpitch and you’re good to go!
Here’s an example:

Tweet 1: #legionpitch Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, Shadow Lass, Projectra, Telus, Gates and Quizlett
Tweet 2: #legionpitch A spacefaring team of sexy girls and monsters travels the galaxy providing aid and curing diseases, Doctors Without Orbits!

The top five will be selected by Major Spoilers Staff. Then the winner will be decided by popular vote. The winners get something cool from the Major Spoilers stash and an illustration of four of your Legion of Super-Heroes characters by Kristen and Adriana of Super Future Friends fame.

Rules: This contest is open to anyone in the world.

UPDATE:  Besides the massive number of Fail Whales Twitter has been experiencing lately, the company has also lost, or is not keeping an archive of their trending tags like they should.

Sadly, all of the original entries have been lost.

But Fear Not Spoilerites!  We’re committed to giving away prizes to someone!  Instead of using Twitter, use the comment section below to post (or re-post) your Legion Pitches.  Keep them both in the same comment, and be sure you keep them to 280 characters.

We’ll give you until August 20th, with the short list announced September 1, 2010 for the mass audience to vote on!

Well? Get to it!


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  1. Tweet 1: Superboy (Clark), Superboy (Conner), Supergirl (kara), Brainiac 5
    Tweet 2: Evil dude changes time to make himself the idol of the future instead of Superman. Team travels to fix time and rediscover why Superman is the model of the future.

  2. Tweet 1: Elderly Saturn Girl, A Viral Brainiac 5, Lightning Lass in a bottle, Bart Allen, Martian Manhunter

    Tweet 2: Chunks of the Past are missing, and it’s up to this Legion stop the first being to tap into the speed force from ripping the universe apart!

    • I’m ineligible for a number of reasons, but:

      Tweet One: Kent Shakespeare, Ayla Ranzz, Tenzil Kem, Salu “Vi” Digby, Celeste McCauley

      Tweet Two: Using Celeste’s green powers, the Five Year Gap Legionnaires find their timeline has broken free from reality and travel back to try and restore it.

      (Have you noticed almost all of these involve time travel and universey-frammistattiness?)

    • Entry A –
      Starman-Brainiac5-LightningLass-Polarboy-Shadowlass-Bart Allen

      The arrival of a teenage Bruce Wayne at LoSH HQ causes a Speedforce Monster to muck w/ time

      Entry B –

      Waking up in the Dreaming the LoSH have to make their way out and deal with their nightmares come to life

  3. Entry 1:

    Superboy(Kon-El), Thunder, XS, Mon-El, Rond Vidar, Female descendant of J’onn J’onzz

    After the fall of the UP, a new team emerges to show the galaxy the true meaning of heroism, as “The Legion of Justice”

    Entry 2:

    Brainiac 5 (retroboot) Brainiac 5 (Archie) Brainiac 5 (Threeboot) Brainiac 5 (Legion cartoon) Brainiac 5 (original)

    A crisis threatens the multiverse and it’ll take the brainpower of 5 Brainiacs to solve it if they can get along. BrainyForce5!

  4. Team: Brainiac5, Ultra-Boy, Dawnstar, Shrinking Violet, Element Lad, Phantom Girl, Mon-El, Duo-Damsel, Bouncing Boy

    Plot: Brainiac discovers the universe has been “broken” since time began. Now time is running out to discover the flaw and fix it. But doing so may involve the help of one of their greatest enemies: the Time Trapper.

  5. #legionpitch Brainiac 5, Atom Girl, Element Lad, Princess Projectra, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad
    #legionpitch DC does it’s part to help kids learn physics by publishing new series “Physics from superheroes!”. The title says it all.

  6. 1. Cosmic Boy (the dead one from Magic Wars), Timber Wolf (from the day after he joined the Legion), Gorith (5 Years later storyline), Gates (Reboot Legion), Star Boy (the crazy version from JSA), Dragonmage (batch SW6), Ferro Lad’s brother from the Legion Annual.

    2. A whodunnit where the Legionaires from all of the realities in order to save the time stream. The group above is the murderers and at the end a composite Legion is formed with a rotating cast. Their job work in the time stream to resolve historical problems.

  7. #legionpitch Karate Kid, Chemical King, Element Lad, Earth-Man, Ultra Boy, Brainiac 5, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lass
    #legionpitch Team follows Universo back through time to find he’s taken control of FDR in 1942. All-Star Squadron guest stars. Earth-Man dies in 1st issue.

  8. #legionpitch Bouncing boy,Shadowlass,Starman after crazy gone, DuoDamsel,Blok,Brainiac5,&Dawnstar

    #legionpitch Dystopia slowly encroaches on 31st, members start vanishing, B5 sees issue, DS finds Starman, Time masters from Return of BW responsible

    • edited the second “tweet” so it makes it under the character limit.

      #legionpitch Bouncing boy,Shadowlass,Starman after crazy gone, DuoDamsel,Blok,Brainiac5,&Dawnstar

      #legionpitch Dystopia encroaches on 31st, members start vanishing, B5 sees issue, DS finds Strmn, TimeMasters from Return of BW responsible

  9. Cosmic boy,Ultra Boy,Lightning Lass,Braniac 5,Shrinking Violet
    Transported to 1million AD, they visit the planets and jla 1million. finding themselves inadequate in this new time,before helping out in major battle and then sent back home

  10. TWEET 1 #legionpitch Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, Dream Girl, Timber Wolf
    TWEET 2 #legionpitch 1yr of calm and peace makes the LSH bored, lazy and even questioning the need to stay together. Just as Darkseid has planned.

    TWEET 1 #legionpitch Chameleon Boy, Shrinking Violet, Invisible Kid, Saturn Girl
    TWEET 2 #legionpitch Long-term exposure to Valorium in flight rings is killing Legionnaires. Or is it? Covert team sent to Thanagar for intel ONLY.

  11. Clarification on the 280 character rule, please: Is it 280 characters per “tweet” (ie, 280 for the team and 280 for the plot) or 280 for the entire thing?

    I ask because some posts, like Mark’s, is much longer than mine.

    Happy to comply either way. Just didn’t want to shorten my previous post any further if I didn’t have to.

  12. Team: Brainiac5-Dawnstar-Shrinking Violet-Element Lad-Phantom Girl-MonEl-Duo Damsel-Bouncing Boy-Ultra Boy
    Plot: Brainiac discovers the universe has been “broken” since time began. The Legion must discover and repair the flaw. Doing so means gaining the aid of the Time Trapper.

  13. Jonathan Cadotte on

    Star Boy, Ultra Boy, Alchemist, Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, Projecta

    they find a new uncivilized world. They establish new governments on separate continents and advance the planet while feuding.

  14. #legionpitch Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, and Ultra Boy

    #legionpitch The 6 are turned into preteens a la TNG ep “Rascals” & must work together to get back to normal b4 its too late

    I was able to look through the list of the tweets I’ve made and find the original tweets.

  15. Tweet #1 – Ferro (Legionnaires #1 version), Gates, Matter-Eater Lad, Sun Boy, Sensor Girl

    Tweet #2 – Thrown together in the UP’s Legion Academy, the LoSH is the varsity hero squad. Characters of varying personalities come fight, fall in love, and bond with each other while protecting the galaxy. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but w/ a legion of Buffys, and sans, mostly, vamps.

  16. Am I too late? I’m not too late, am I?

    Tweet #1: 5YL Bouncing Boy, Matter-Eater Lad, Duo Damsel, Saturn Queen

    Tweet #2: Chuck & Tenzil, trapped in 1930s NYC, have to go to Miami Beach as hoboes to keep Benn Pares from stealing the Hope Diamond, while Ted Knight & Lee Travis try to seduce their wives, Luornu & Eva.

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