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  1. Mary Jane needs more shading. There seems to be a light source from her front-right, but all parts of her below the waist except a bit of her right leg are illuminated the same.

    But, sure, it’s okay.

    • I think the light’s supposed to be coming from behind Spider-man and what you see on the front of her legs is what little light is making around Spider-man’s back as she sits mostly blocked by his body. You can see the light on her hands which are behind his neck and shining out on his shoulders and left hand. I like what they did here, making it look vintage, but I guess I’m just a fan of more current looks to my comics, cause I wasn’t jumping for joy at this.

  2. I was going to make some disparaging comment about OMIT and possible a derragatory comment about Joe, but when I see the positive comments; I can’t. I’ll just go bck to my corner.

  3. This whole thing seems like a half-hearted apology from Joe. If he straitens out the story line, I just might start reading Spider-Man again. Still, I stopped reading in the Pre-Joe days, back when their newborn daughter mysteriously disappeared from the story line.

    • Pantsthemonkey on

      Seems more like a twisting of the knife than an apology to me given that solicitations of issues after OMIT indicate Peter going on a first date with someone. Thanks for nuthin’, Joe.

      All vitriol aside, tho, it is a nice image.

      • No miscarriage. Norman Osborne hired some woman (Wikipedia says her name was Alison Mongraine) to pose as a nurse or something. She kidnapped the baby, setting it up to make it look like the child was stillborn. The last we see of this is one panel at the end of the issue placing a call to Normie confirming that she had the child. This story was actually integrated into the “Spider-Girl” continuity, but since it doesn’t take place in the 616 universe, it doesn’t really count.

        From the 616 universe perspective, the child has never again been mentioned outside of “One More Day”, which effectively eliminated the possibility of pursuing that storyline.

        This is what has had me so frustrated with Joe.

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