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Propworx the just concluded the penultimate Star Trek auction of the year, in association with CBS Consumer Products and Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton and live online at Props, costumes, production artwork, concept drawings, model spaceships and set décor drew fans bidding live and online from all over the world.

As promised, the bidding was intense and items such as the only surviving translight screen from the Original Series bridge, Lot #3, sold for an amazing $14,000 and Lot #2 Spock’s iconic Vulcan ears fetched $3,000. Not to be outdone, Lot #70, Data’s Painting of Spot in the style of Pablo Picasso drew a heated round of bidding, with the final gavel coming down at $7,000.

Other lots of note included Lot #37, the Klingon Warrior Costume at $6,000, Lot #22, the golden Observation Lounge Model of TOS Enterprise at $7,000, Lot #11, the Captain Kirk spacesuit filming miniature from Star Trek: The Motion Picture at $8,000 and Lot #5, Sulu’s tunic at $4,000.

One of the highlights of the auction was the appearance of Robert Picardo, The Doctor from the Star Trek: Voyager series. Fans delighted in his stories about life on the Voyager set and his famous Doctor’s Sickbay Chair (Lot #203) reached $2,250. Speaking of chairs, Lot #96, Enterprise-D Observation Lounge Chair from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which is believed to be the only remaining chair with original upholstery, reached the $4,000 mark.

For the fans of the Star Trek: The Experience ride from the closed attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton, signs were the big winner, with two versions of Quark’s Bar signs fetching over $10,000 total (Lots 286 and 287).

“There were items at every price range for the Star Trek fan,” said Shelley Oliver Littleton, Director of Marketing for Propworx. “We wanted to ensure that every fan, no matter what level of income or auction experience, could bid live or online and be assured that each and every item was fully researched and authenticated in detail and backed by the experience and dedication of our team of Star Trek specialists.”

For fans interested in obtaining the hardback catalog, full of interviews, behind the scenes photos of all of the Star Trek properties and an archival history of these iconic auction items, please go to to purchase this limited edition keepsake.

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Propworx ( is the premier auction house for Hollywood studios looking to sell their assets in fan-friendly event auctions. The auctions create significant additional positive media exposure for studio productions and monetize assets that previously would sit in storage or be destroyed. Propworx’ inaugural production, the year-long Battlestar Galactica auctions, were the most successful Hollywood memorabilia auction events in history, with over 8,000 lots going to fans and collectors worldwide. After the premier Star Trek Auction, next on the block is the Official Stargate Auction September 23 at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle and the Kevin Smith auction, Kevin Smith Sells Out: The Official Askewniverse Garage Sale! in November in Las Vegas.

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