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  1. Man I really want this movie to be good, but nothing I have seen yet gives me much hope. These are all early pics, and they can do some awesome stuff in post production, but everything I’ve seen has just not looked very good. His head does need to look a lot more like a hipo

  2. I can’t judge this. It could be off color, it could be just a sculpt of a CG character instead of the actual cg, it could be him making a weird pose or weird face, and it could be unfinished. I’m not a HUGE fan of the pic, but if this the general direction we’re going, I’m okay with it.

  3. I agree with brenton, it looks like a sculpt.
    I’m pretty happy with it. The nerd rage in me is pretty small. So, I’m okay with most of the film’s interpretations on things because they are interpretations. You’re not going to get a cut and paste version of things when moved onto the big screen. At least he’s even in the film.

  4. Considering the fact that Hal’s uniform is all CGI’d and this one isn’t I don’t believe this is a finished product. This looks like the old Ninja Turtle suits. I expect this to get highly stylized CGI in the finished product.

  5. Early stuff is fun to look at, but I’m not really prepared to judge any of the Green Lantern stuff we’re seeing until I see it in motion, a la a trailer of some sort. Then I’ll allow myself to formulate an opinion. After all, a lot of people were casting a lot of judgement on the Wolverine movie when the entire movie was leaked before it had wrapped production. I didn’t love the movie, but I think it’s a serious disservice to ourselves and Warner Brothers to start groaning just yet. Let’s see it after they’re done polishing it up for the actual movie, then if it’s bad, I’ll groan like anyone else. But, that said, so far, so good.

  6. Considering the near miss of the Jack Black GL, I’m happy that Kilowog is even in the movie. I think people have this extremely narrow vision of what they want the movie to be and have to realize that all of those fan versions are different, so there is no way that any version is going to please everyone. If it’s a great movie, most people will overlook that it didn’t exactly match their imaginary movie.

  7. 1 frame of the movie people!
    Plus it may only be a proof of concept shot
    I’ll pass judgement when this movie has my dollar

  8. O.o
    That’s not Kilowog… They humanized him too much and didn’t make him look closer to the other cooler versions that are out there. Blackest Night and the GL:First Flight movie… those are some awesome looks for him. This just makes him look all gentle and cuddly.. like a Care Bear version of Kilowog.

  9. Tria Guardian on

    The “ears” seem a little off, but overall I like it and Kilowog is one of my favorite GL characters. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty decent.

  10. CriticalTiger on

    Model, I don’t have big beef with. But the costume… I hope Big K is in the middle of forming his costume around himself in this shot. Because I’m not too keen on sneaking any Bolovax Vikan Sex Ed into my Green Lantern movie.

    • CriticalTiger on

      I mean, the emblem looks like it’s shined on his chest from a cheap Green Lantern flashlight. Shot is disappointing, but we’ll have to wait and see the final product.

  11. I’ve seen another concept shot of Kilowog and Tomar Re and Abin Sur online quite a while back that looked pretty awesome, minus the fact that Kilowog looked kind of gray instead of his pinker tone. Tomar looked awesome, but again those probably weren’t even legit, they may have been the work of a fan. Either way they looked pretty awesome. I really like the concept of Tomar’s uniform, I don’t have a pre-existing long history of loving Tomar Re, so if people out there hate it I am coming in not really knowing what his costume has looked like for years.


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