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Jenny Everywhere Day is an event designed to celebrate the first open-source comic book character. It’ll be taking place on Friday, August 13th.

Jenny Everywhere was created in 2001 by Steven Wintle and the members of the Barbelith forum. She’s a free-to-use character that exists in ALL realities at the same time allowing anyone to create their own version of her. In the last nine years well over a hundred different creators have worked with Ms. Everywhere. Their contributions can be found at .

Jenny Everywhere Day is an event where artists of all kinds, previously unaware of the character, can create their own version of her and have their work displayed on for others to see and be inspired.

The level of participation is entirely up to the artist. It could be as simple as a sketch, as complex as a multi-page full color story, or anywhere in between. Lighthearted or dark. Solo or with other characters. A simple cameo in another webcomic, a costume, a short story, a song, anything goes. is a completely non-profit website. We will not make any money off the submitted works and each person would maintain ALL rights to their individual submissions.

Jenny Everywhere Day will be this Friday, the 13th of August. Any submissions should be sent to “benj (at) jennyeverywhereday (dot) com” on or before that date. has all of last years submissions while has more information on Jenny Everywhere herself.



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  1. The Shifter Archive (also non-profit) hasn’t been updated in a while. Sorry about that. I’m in charge of it. However, I’m working on a complete site upgrade and overhaul to be complete in 2-3 months. Just to let people know it’s still going!

    I greatly thank Benj taking care of Jenny Everywhere Day! Benj has been a great supporter of Jenny for years!

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