Principal photography has wrapped on Warner Bros. Green Lantern movie, but before the set and location have a chance to cool down and become stale, the sequels are on the way.  Michael Goldenberg has been hired to write the Green Lantern 2 script.  Goldenberg was also behind the current Green Lantern rewrite, so it looks like Warner Bros. isn’t messing around when it comes to getting things done quickly.  If the rumors floating around the Intardwebz are true, if the first Green Lantern movie is a success, Warner Bros, is prepared to short a third movie back to back with the second.

It’s times like these that make me remember who the winner in all of this is – Ryan Reynolds.  For the next five years, he’s going to be busy, he going to be even more famous than he is now, and more than likely he’s going to forget he ever did Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place.

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  1. I’m still not that convinced Green Lantern 1 will do particularly well. The character/corps isn’t that well known, really, and it’s not like people were begging for a GL movie. If the film really is as good as they’re saying, it’s all down to the marketing department to make it happen. Reynolds is well known and liked, but has he ever properly headlined a big movie? The Proposal was a Bullock movie, and I can’t think of anything else…

    • He was good in Definitely, Maybe, Waiting, Just Friends, The Amityville Horror, and Van Wilder just to name some of the ones that he headlined. I know that none of those were majorly huge draws, but he’s got the girl crowd locked down and he’s played characters like Van Wilder and the guy in Waiting and Male Nurse in Harold and Kumar, so guys aren’t too quick to hate the guy as repugnant and too feminine to play the role. Plus his roles as Deadpool and Hannibal in Blade Trinity showed that he can play a more physical role and do a decent job pulling it off. The test will be if he can not play Van Wilder with a ring and more of Hal Jordan. If he doesn’t grate on my nerves, I’ll probably like this movie and if they really do a great job with Tomar Re and Kilowog, I’m likely to love this movie.

  2. Ravishing Richie on

    I have hope in Green Lantern. I think it’s great how ambitious DC is to be that prepared to produce Green Lantern 2 and 3, even though the first hasn’t come out. As for the GL popularity in pop culture, it’s becoming more popular thanks to DC and Johns work on the current series. I was surprised to see so many people at an anime convention with Green lantern shirts.

    The “Men in Black” movies were successful, and that was loosely based on an unknown comic. I view Green Lantern corps similar to Men in Black in the aspect their are tons of agents or space cops that monitor E.T. activity in the universe. I think having that aspect and also fleshing out the GL corps as a police precinct, will make it relate-able like they did with the current GL Corps comics did when the series was rebooted. If they make tons of cool GL constructs in the movie,it will emphasize to the audience that anything can be made with your imagination with the ring,and keep pushing that anyone can be a Green Lantern from what the early marketing posters say, it will do fine.

    I seriously can’t wait for Killowog do be on the big screen and call someone a “Poozer.”

    • Yes, but a lot of people didn’t even know Men In Black was a comic book. As far as most people were concerned, it starred WILL SMITH and had funny aliens in it. Green Lantern will fly its Comic Book Movie flag a lot more proudly, I’m sure, but I think its success will really come down to how good the effects are in the trailer (as well as how easy they make the concept of a space police force sound. As far as I can tell, there won’t be an consistent and obvious threat to deal with, which makes it harder to hook people to the story).

      • Tria Guardian on

        The effects are one of the reasons that despite being a huge GL fan that I am glad they didn’t make a live action movie yet. With current FX (and “Comic Book Movies” no longer being known only as cheesy and/or low budget) I think this movie could appeal to a fair number of people who may have no idea who the character is.

        Honestly, I’m just thankful the rumored/proposed Eddie Murphy and Jack Black versions never came to be.

  3. I can’t find anything on IMDB about voice talent for Tomar Re and Kilowog, yet I thought they were going to be in the movie. They have an extended cast list up on imdb, including and uncredited role for the Bartender’s Brother/Another Party Guest, although I did see a credit for John Stewart to be in the movie, so that’s cool.

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