Meet le GreenBoy


Spoilerite Jerome alerted me to this short trailer for “Le Greenboy”, a hero who wants to keep the planet safe. He’s no Captain Planet, but worth checking out.

Made for the “Parallel Lines” contest, with 6 mandatory lines of dialogue.
written, directed & produced by Jerome Genevray.
with Aurélien Jégou, Alysson Paradis, Diane Dassigny.
Music by We Are Enfant Terrible and Emmanuel d’Orlando.
d.o.p. Arthur Le Ret, costumes by Melisande de Serres.

also with Camille Hédouin, Quentin Albagnac, Guy-Roger Duvert, Cedric Boyer, Laurent Droguet, Eric Esculier, Christophe Botti, Samuel Barougier, Mélisande de Serres, Anne-Cécile Boulais.

1st Assistant Anne Cécile Boulais, make up Samantha Penne, dop assistant Sylvain Patry.
logos designer Romain Télléchéa, leaflet by Christophe Steffan.
photograph Guillaume Serres.

compositing by Yannick Puggioni, 3D leaflets by Cyril Kravtchenko.
editing & color by Jerome Genevray.
sound editor Nicolas Bourgeois , re-recording mixer Vincent Cosson / StudioKGB.

greenboy’s song by WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE: Clotilde Floret, Cyril Debarge,Thomas Fourny.
lyrics by Camille Hédouin.
music by Emmanuel d’Orlando.