I think Kevin Smith may have topped himself in Batman: The Widening Gyre #6 that arrived in stores this week. Smith is known for his off kilter style of humor filled with dick and fart jokes, but he may have taken it a bit too far according to some, as he takes a piss on Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One.

While I think this is humorous, and right in line with Smith’s style, it is an exchange that seems totally out of character for Bruce Wayne. Remember the first rule of respect; don’t give your enemy (or friends) any information that might be used against you or make them think less of you.

I haven’t read the full issue yet, but the Intardwebz is aflame with some sites calling Batman: The Widening Gyre the worst comic in history, and others claiming it to be a work of brilliance.

And remember kids, this is an in continuity story!


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  1. I can see this happening early in Batman’s career. I can even see him telling someone like Dick as a cautionary tale. Honestly, what pulls me out of it was Bats’ use of the terms “hit ’em” and “pyro-gag.” Then again, maybe Batman knew the other guy was a fan of SModcast and was dumbing down his speech for him.

  2. Not in my continuity he doesn’t!

    I like Batman, a lot more than I like Kevin Smith. I am not a diehard Batman fan, but he was my gateway into comics. So I owe him. This may be “human” but it just doesn’t work for Bruce, maybe for another Batman like character. But in the whole picture of the Dark Knight, who terroizes villains, and madmen who’d destroy Gotham, is also a man who pisses his pants? No way.

    • That kind of “human” element to the story would be fine if it was, say Plastic Man, or someone like that, but not Batman. Not that I think Batman should never have any humanity or emotions or anything, it’s just the wrong kind of thing. Batman during his earlier years, I can see exuding so much anger and bravado which puts innocent people in harms way and then having to deal with the guilt of either causing pain or death to innocents or nearly doing so. That kind of this seems right up Batman’s alley.

    • I dont know, after doomsday wiped out the justice league with ease and sent Booster sailing across the country side I am sure that BG’s forefield was probably retaining a little water.

  3. thelastavenger on

    I think Batman is lying to the other guy. Telling him something that might put him at eaze. That said the only reason people hate this comic is because like All-star Batman its not surpose to be taken so seriouslly and No-one reailzes this.

  4. Heroes do wet themselves, like anyone else. Cassandra Nova made Gladiator do it in X-Men. Bobby “Iceman” Drake wet his bed. Scott Summers wet his pants (as a teen, pre-X-Men).

      • None is actually an indefinite pronoun, so it has characteristics of being both singular OR plural. SO yes, it is written correctly…if you replace it with NOT ONE the sentence shows it makes sense. My point wasn’t that it was incorrect…my point was that it bothered me. HAHA most indefinite pronouns are indeed singular…NONE (as well as ANY and a few others) are the exception. Therefore they are a real kick in the pants and bother my brain. :)

  5. No, no no. This is NOT what should be considered “funny”. You people are better than that, and this horrible, horrible shame on DC’s history.

    Respect these great characters and those creators that do the same, by giving us good stories of SUPER-HEROES THAT DON’T PEE THEMSELVES.

    Kevin Smith has jumped the shark, been eaten by it, and vomitted back out again for having horrible taste.

    Yes, INDEED.

  6. And what have we learned today class?

    We’ve learned that whoever you are, whatever your writing skills are or even what your celebrity status is…

    …When you get asked to script out a comic book storyline for a comic book company, it’s probably best if you limit your consumption of marijuana while you’re writing the whole thing out.

    …And certainly NEVER increase your consumption of the wacky-weed to ten times your usually amount.

    I can imagine Kevin coming up with this whole idea and thinking it was utterly brilliant, even as he was in the middle of a thick & hazy smoke filled room.

    But of course DC probably edited out all the “dudes”, “likes”, and “mans”…

  7. What about Iron man? I distinctly remember a drunken Tony Stark taking a piss in the Iron Man suit.

    I honestly think this is why Batman doesn’t open up more. Poor guy.

    • Iron Man though inherently makes more sense, since it’s part of his backstory that he’s wrestled with alcoholism. Although as uncomfortable as it would be, you’d think Tony would have a catheter system or something in his armor so that he wouldn’t have to take off his armor just to pee. Deadpool would piss himself, and nobody would care, his character can do about anything and nobody would care, his character has been developed that way.

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