The movie posters for the upcoming Green Lantern movie hit the Intardwebz today, and hit them hard.  Take the jump for a sneak peek at Hector Hammond, and Sinestro.


via Superhero Hype


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  1. I didn’t care for the the first pic of the CGI Green Lantern costume, but at least what little you can see of Sinestro in these pics looks good.

    • Johns said WB jumped the gun on that for Comic Con and that the photo didn’t have the finalized suit in it.

  2. Oh yeah. That’s Sinestro alright. I always get chills when they get the characters spot-on. Maybe that “scar” is some sort of added alien marking to set him apart from Abin-Sur.

  3. 1) The Silver Age rule , “Mustache = Villain” is more noticeable with actors rather than drawing.

    2) Hal’s eyes are green only when he’s powered up? But Sinestro’s are always yellow?

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It’s like back during the days of Flash Gordon when all villains had pointy little goatee’s. It’s probably true to the character I guess, I really don’t know Hector Hammond very well. I wiki’ed him, but other than that I don’t really know how he’s most often portrayed.

  4. I think Sinestro’s being yellow are a nod to him turning into the yellow lantern, look at the poster itself, it’s changing from green to yellow?

    • From what I’ve heard, there’s only one real villain and two potential future villains. Like Dr Conners and Harry Osborn in the Spiderman movies.

      • Yeah, I’m assuming that Sinestro will start out as a “good guy” early on and the issues on Korugar could be shown at the end and the ousting of Sinestro as a Lantern could end it. Or something like that, it could go any number of ways. The benefit in my opinion of getting future villains in the first picture is that you can get the introductions out of the way in the first run and for the second film you can just jump right in knowing who some of the players are and learn the rest as you go.

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