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  1. Doctor Sleepless on

    This trailer is the equivalent of an Alex Ross cover. Awesome on the outside and however it is on the inside, the juxtaposing probably won’t flatter the final product.
    Hell if “Batman: Arkham Asylum” had a trailer like this even that would be a slight let down. And unfortunately “DCUO” doesn’t look as good. I’m still very much intrigued by the game. But I fear the limitations of gaming as a medium really do stand out when they attempt to create this kind of world.

    Now if we look at that trailer as a standalone product… HOLY SH!T BATMAN!

  2. Pantsthemonkey on

    This is a really cool trailer, but I can’t help but think I’d enjoy it more as a movie than a game. I’m intrigued by DCUO, but my hopes aren’t high.

  3. I guess one way to look at it… I’ve never played World of Warcraft myself, but have watched a fair bit of if being played. Quite the MMORPG. Top dog currently… Now stack that up against the quality/entertainment value of the A+ trailers for World of Warcraft far outshine what you get in return in gameplay for WOW. That said… Wow is still quite a game. I hope that DC Online mirrors its fun and success.

  4. I was at the DCUO booth today talking to the folks there about the game and also played the game a little. From what I learned, this game will be different then the WOW experience. the player will choose good or evil and have a mentor (Supes, Bats, Wonder Woman or Joker, Lex or Circe) that will give then quests. They won’t be the typical fetch me ten of this and take it there where we will ask for 20 of those, etc. the quests will apparently all follow a story not unlike a comic book. Jim Lee referred to character not having to grind level, for example, you won’t have to wait until a certain level to fly if that’s a skill you’ve chosen to have, you’ll be able to fly right at the start.
    The game play was similar to other MMO’s with the movement and combat so not a lot of differences there. However, there are enough to make it interesting. Plus you can chose to use a controller on the PC instead of mouse and keyboard.
    I for one am looking forward to playing it. Which I’ll do next week when I register for the Beta, with the keys they gave out at the panel! Woot!

  5. Oh, my stars and garters!!! Alternate time line or not, Superman FRIED BLACK ADAM’S EYES!!!! Damn the online game, somebody make this into a DVD!

  6. Cant say enough about how awesome this is. We can only hope the game lives up to a fraction of this trailer.

  7. Drool…..Oh My! I want this day of release..November second I need to see if I have vacation time. As currently I have been reading a lot of DC titles to atleast have some semblance of who is who. Now that this gives a storyline I can learn a little more.

    I want this game.

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