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    • Not at all. But it’s good that they seem to have done well with Odin’s helm and Thor’s, although the cheekplates seem out of place. But, honestly, I’ve wondered for years what the hell was holding Thor’s pointed bean-cap on his head when he got the spookin bejeebets knocked out of him by a frost giant, The Executioner, etc.

        • Doctor Sleepless on

          Yeah but this isn’t Ultimate Thor… If anything the movie-verse so far is much more 616 than Ultimate..with the exception of Fury.

          • The entire “Avengers” series seems to be a mix of both the “616” Marvel U and the Ultimates story lines, which may be a good appeal to draw fans of both as well as folks that wouldn’t know SHIELD from Shineola. Until the flashback sequences of the “regular” Cap’s time in WWII and the real story behind Bucky Barnes was told in the recent “rebirth” series, most of the stories of Cap in WWII were done in the Kirby era and folks that have seen epics like “Saving Private Ryan”, “Band of Brothers”, etc. wouldn’t be convinced of a guy with wings on his mask and spandex running around Bastogne punching out Nazis. So bringing in elements of the “Ultimate” Cap much like was done merging the “Ultimate” Tony Stark and the “traditional” Stark for the Iron Man series.

            “Ultimate Thor” on the other hand simply reeks and I’ve never liked the characterization. The characters of Asgard give way too much for a writer to work with to deny it and, lets face it, most folks would like to see Goldilocks using that stone hammer to whap the crap out of super-villians than being the next guest host on “Whale Wars” and using that ugly ax as an eco-terrorist.

            As cynical and skeptical as I am (and, as an affecianado of “continuity” with the “normal” Marvel and DC legacies) I am looking forward to the movies in the “Avengers” series with an open mind like I did with Iron Man.

            I’m just looking for the first time that hammer flies with the words “FOR ODIN, FOR ASGARD” coming through the cinemaplex speakers.

  1. I imagine they moved the cheekplates to give some more face. Watching masks act is no fun. That’s why Spiderman keeps taking his off.

  2. Yeah, I don’t care about Odin’s, as a character I feel like he’s going to be only a little bit more than an NPC (of sorts) that used to move the PC’s on to other stuff, I could be wrong. But I like the look of Thor’s helmet and Loki’s does have to be right on the money. It’s part of his menacing trickster look.

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