SDCC’10: Bruce Campbell to star in Burn Notice movie


One of my favorite cable television shows is Burn Notice on the USA Network. Not just for the spy action and A-Team cranked to eleven feel, but because of Bruce Campbell. Bruce makes the show, and is a favorite actor of mine. During the Burn Notice panel at the San Diego Comic Con it was announced a prequel movie to the television show is in the works, and it will star Bruce in a big, big way.

…movie to the series that will focus on Sam Axe, Bruce Campbellā€™s character, on his final mission as a Navy SEAL. The film will be set largely in Latin America, but it remains to be seen if it will be shot there.

I was very worried that Bruce was getting the bump from the show with this season’s introduction of the Hot Beef du Jour that was added to the show, but with this announcement it is all starting to make sense. While I’m excited that we might be able to see Bruce on the big screen again, the movie needs to take the action up another notch from the television show, making it on par with some of the biggest action films we’ve seen this summer.

via Bleeding Cool