Here’s our roundup of DC Comics news that floated out of the various panels and announcements made during the first day of the San Diego Comic Con. You’ll want to take the jump as there are some real nuggets of information (and spoilers) contained within.


  • Batman will appear in Brightest Day to help clear up the confusion, according to Geoff Johns. Well, that’s a relief…
  • Volume two of the Batman: Widening Gyre series will begin after the new year. If you’ve read issue #6 (Kevin Smith gave out copies to everyone at the panel) you know that Silver Saint Cloud will not be returning.
  • Widening Gyre was originally pitched as a Batman/Swamp Thing crossover.
  • According to Comic Book Resources, there may be plans outside of comics for Cassandra “Batgirl” Cain. With Johns push to get Blue Beetle to the small screen, does this mean we’ll get a Batgirl series?
  • If you saw our previous announcements about new Batman creative teams, but were as puzzled as we were as to where Grant Morrison would fit, Dan Didio confirmed Morrison is still staying on the Bat-books in the future, but we still don’t know which one(s) it will be.
  • Batman Beyond will continue beyond the initial mini-series.


  • Issue 100 will be 100 pages. Bill Willingham will write 60-pages of content, with the remainder written by series artist Mark Buckingham.


  • Wally West will return within a year. More than likely he’ll be a support character to Barry Allen, as I don’t think we’ll see Johns kill off one of his favorite characters (again).
  • Confirmed: The Flash movie.


  • Are you ready to see Kyle Rayner in a Green Lantern movie? Geoff Johns wouldn’t give up all the details, but he did drop that hint.
  • If you are wondering, Kilowog does appear in the Green Lantern movie and “looks just like Kilowog.”
    Green Lantern: Secret Origin II will be about Sinestro, written by Geoff Johns, with art by Ivan Reis.
  • We will get to see what happens to William Hand in the next issue of Green Lantern.
  • The Green Lantern animated series is CGI, features the whole Corps, and arrives in November 2011.


  • Super Friends is not being cancelled, it is simply being put on hold.
  • A Young Justice series, and television series are on the way.
  • The cancellation of many Johnny DC books had many speculating that the company was about to fold the line, but Dan Didio did say they (DC) have a bunch of stuff coming our way.


  • I heard a rumor that Madame Xanadu by Matt Wagner and Amy Reeder Hadley will get the axe in the near future.


  • Last year, James Robinson said he was done with Starman Jack Knight. While he is currently focusing his attention on Mikaal Tomas (who will meet Solomon Grundy soon), but Robinson did tell a fan to “never say never.”


  • Suicide Squad: The Video Game is in the works. According to Geoff Johns it will be “hardcore violent.” The game will tie to the big screen Suicide Squad movie.
  • DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson said WB Games Montreal will begin to focus largely on the company’s comics properties.


  • Readers will learn more about the different types of vampires in American Vampire when the series takes a jump 10 years in the storyline to 1930s Las Vegas.
  • Readers will learn more about the monster hunters in iZombie #4.


  • Alan Moore wants nothing to do with Watchmen, even though DC offered to give him the rights back. DC still would like to develop more projects from the property.


One thing I learned a long time ago is that when someone declines to comment on speculation, instead of denying it outright, there’s a good chance it is true – DC, Los Angeles anyone?


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  1. Green lantern CGI series = do not want. No. If you don’t have a bajillions of dollars and your name doesn’t rhyme with Mixar or Seamworks, you are not permitted. It’s not like they have an award winning, ground breaking, internationally loved 2D animation studio that’s worked on their properties befo- oh wait THEY DO. :/!

    Yay for Kyle in Green Lantern Movie! I want Green Lantern movie so much!

    • I’d like to see at least a trailer on a CGI series before really weighing in, it could be really good if handled properly. It could also give the constructs created by the rings a different kind of weight and solidity that 2D isn’t really able to do. I’ll reserve judgement until I see at least some kind of examples.

    • I forgot to mention that I’m excited for Kyle to be in one of the GL movies too. He was the major Lantern when I first got into Green Lantern, therefore he’s always been my favorite (although I do really like most of the rest of them in different ways). Kinda like your favorite Doctor, whichever one you first started watching, will probably be your favorite.

      If they go up to OA, I just want at least a cameo shot of G’nort. I don’t want a full-blown Jar Jar Binks kind of scene or anything, but I’d be happy with a simple pan shot around the mess hall or something.

  2. “DC still would like to develop more projects from [The Watchmen].”

    This statement fills me with existential dread. Perhaps DC could favor us with a sequel to “Hamlet” or “Lord of the Rings” or some other work THAT HAD A FREAKIN’ ENDING!

  3. Too bad you didn’t add the parts about “Rise of Arsenal”. I’m sure some people could use a good laugh.

  4. I love this! Green Lantern series! I mean, Green Lantern animated series! SOOO deserves to be explored, with the corps and the limits of the ring. Yay to flash movie! YAY to batman explaining things in the brightest day.
    Of all the people who get to say, “THIS is what’s been happening while I was dead?”, I’m looking forward to Bruce saying it the most.
    He didn’t die, I know, but still. He can say it, ’cause everyone thought he was dead.


  5. I’m guessing Batman proper will continue to tread water to keep the Anti-Morrison happy and Grant will have another new Batbook. “Bruce Wayne” maybe?

  6. I can’t believe that DC would want to do Non Alan Moore Watchmen stuff. What’s next? Marvel wanting to do Non Jack Kirby X-men stuff? Or god help us, what if DC wants to do non-Bob Kane Batman stuff?

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