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DeadTown is an original property that M2 has developed to showcase their creative approach and storytelling concepts to do no less than define the emerging medium of Motion Comics.

The Concept for DeadTown is Sam Spade meets Dawn of the Dead. It’s a neo-noir thriller which casts a classic hard boiled detective in a world overrun by Zombies!  The project is executed in a rich black and white style that recalls classics of the genre such as “Touch of Evil” and “The Big Sleep”.  The 3D Motion Comic Teaser for DeadTown can be seen on the M2 Website at

“Motion Comics” are a form of animation that takes the art and style of printed comic books and brings them to life with motion, sound and vocal performance to create a new entertainment and storytelling experience.

“Motion Comics are a new, legitimate storytelling medium that has yet to be realized as it’s own entertainment form,” said M2 Partner, Eben Matthews. “The sweet spot of the medium is still being defined and, with DeadTown, we believe we define it.”

“Additionally, we are the only company currently producing Motion Comics in 3D,” said M2 Partner, Adam Martin. “And our 3D is the classic red/blue 3D so it’s viewable everywhere – from your iPhone and iPad to your Laptop and Big Screen TV.”

“We say Motion Comics are their own storytelling medium,” adds Eben, “for that to be true, original material has to be created, developed and produced in and specifically for that medium.  That is what we do.”

Kickstarting DeadTown

In order to finance the initial launch of DeadTown, M2 has turned to fans of the genre and the Crowd source funding site KICKSTARTER (  Kickstarter has helped many creative endeavors get off the ground by offering creative incentives to project backers for pledging financial support to that project.

Rewards for backing DeadTown include exclusive sketchbooks, signed comics, Producer and Executive Producer credit as well as the ultimate – being drawn into the series as either a ZOMBIE or even as a RECURRING CHARACTER, allowing a backers likeness to become fully a part of this enthralling new world.

All the details and rewards for backing DeadTown can be seen on the DeadTown Kickstarter page Here :

M2 is out to raise an initial production budget of $20,000 which will cover the creation of all the art for an initial 45 minute Motion Comic as well as a four issue printed Comic Series.

The DEADLINE for contributing to the series via Kickstarter is SATURDAY, JULY 24th at 6PM PST.


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