Eagle One Media announces Wrath of the Titans motion comic DVD release


Working with Bluewater Productions, Eagle One Media has announced the Wrath of the Titans motion comic is getting a DVD release this week.

Five years have passed since the legendary Perseus defeated the evil Gorgon Medusa, killed the Kraken and assumed the crown of Argos. Things seemed idyllic throughout the kingdom. Yet lurking in the shadows is the one being simmering with hate and discontent. Calibus, once though dead, looks to take his revenge. Perseus stole his bride, stole his position, stole Zeus’ favor, and now Calibus looks to take it back. And with news that a baby boy was born to Perseus and Andromeda, he is chilling that dish of revenge…

Check the trailer, after the jump!

The story for this animated feature was developed with Ray Harryhausen.

via Eagle One Media