Bluewater Productions announces Justin Bieber comic


I really don’t know how popular Bluewater Productions Fame line is doing, but when the company constantly pumps the hot name at the moment, it has to be attractive to someone.  The latest to join the line is Fame: Justin Bieber, a biography of the teen singer, which is scheduled to arrive in stores in October.

“I’m reminded of the stories my mom tells about when she was young and Beatelmania invaded the United States. For me it was New Kids on the Block,” writer Tara Broeckel Ooten said. “Now today’s teens and tweens go wild for Justin, and rightly so. He is a talented young musician. He has such an enormous global fan base. That and his talent will probably give him some real staying power in the industry.”

Darren G. Davis, founder and president of Bluewater Productions, says that the biographical comics continually bring new readers to sequential storytelling.  “This is a great medium for kids as well as adults.  I had a hard time reading as a kid and comic books really improved my reading skills. One of the goals is trying to get kids away from the video games and reading more”

“With the Fame series, and our other biographical titles, we have succeeded in exposing comic books to readers who otherwise wouldn’t pick up, say, an issue of Spider-Man,” Davis said. “I’m certain that our Justin Bieber comic will do the same; he certainly has a devoted group of fans whom I’m sure will be thrilled to see their favorite performer immortalized in comic form.”

The 32-page book will sell for $3.99.

via Bluewater Productions