If you were curious what Ryan Reynolds would look like when he suited up as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Entertainment Weekly landed the first look.

It really looks a lot like some of the fan created art we saw a couple of months ago, and while the plastic looking ribbed outfit looks a tad too shiny for my taste, it seems to be the new trend in superhero costumes, so I’ll go along with it if the movie is good.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan, a cocky test pilot who becomes a ring-wearing intergalactic superhero in this massive sci-fi epic from director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). Though Reynolds has prior experience in the superhero realm from his role as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, playing Green Lantern involved some major challenges, like getting hurled through the air on a wire at up to 60 feet per second to create the illusion of flight. “The first time you do it, you’re seriously considering an adult diaper,” Reynolds says. Still, he couldn’t resist the chance to play the beloved DC Comics hero, whose power ring can conjure virtually anything he can dream up. “Will and imagination are his superpowers,” Reynolds says. “We need a circus of Timothy Learys to think of things Hal would invent with his ring.”

via Entertainment Weekly


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  1. I really hate this. If the problem with superhero costumes in the movie is the skintighted-ness of them, how does this help? It looks like his skin has been ripped off and we’re left looking at muscle with a glc logo in his chest.

    Mask looks good tho, as does the ring.

  2. Well it could have been a lot worse. Though I wish we could have a better look. Though from what I see, there’s a shoulder line, so I hope it’s the seperation between green and black.

  3. “…can conjure virtually anything he can dream up.” Except for a cool looking costume.

    This just screams wrong. I knew from the drop of Reynolds name this was not going to end well.

  4. While I was hoping it would look better as well, I do have to say that I think his eyes remind me a lot of Michael Keaton’s in Batman.

  5. Well it’s a first look and there’s nearly a year till it’s released. Since it’s CGI, it could look completely different depending on the response this image gets.

  6. I will reserve judgment for now…we have a year people. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t think that was the Riddler from Batman Forever….:)

  7. It’s so… Dr. Manhattan meets Tron in the Matrix Reloaded color scheme.
    And I don’t know if I get the justification of it needing to be C.G. yet but I’ll wait till the film before I pass judgement.

  8. justanothergeek on

    I don’t know what all this hate is about, it looks great to me. It actually looks like a uniform that a corps of space cops from various radically diferent looking species would use, it’s a costume that adjusts to the body of the wearer, whatever that body may look like. Congratulations to the designers, good job guys!

  9. i like it

    Unlike costumes like batman and spider-man, the ring creates it..and it is an alien ring afterall..so why shouldn’t it look alien and have a biological feel to it?

    Space is dark and a plain green outfit would be difficult to capture on screen, especially since the green lantern will be creating mega big devices with his ring and battling in space..this way, we would be able to see him and a glow will occur throughout his body..

    i’m curious what he looks like full body

    the only superhero costume i don’t like is thor’s..he’s supposed to look like a norse god, not some rockstar..the pants don’t work and i dunno..i don’t get the feeling of viking lords

    • The plan is to relaunch Buffy with a all new cast. Not sure if it is going to be a TV series or series of movies.

  10. i don’t like it. the mask looks ok… i dont like the green irises though. the ring looks like the ring except instead of emitting light it seems to have an electrical short. the suit is green and ribbed, and i dont like the ribbing but at least it doesnt have rubber nipples. what is bugging me most is the suit is ALL green, theres no black that i can see (other than shadows) and the gloves are green and not white… thats all neat except that if the whole costume is ribbed and green its going too look like those nano suits from crysis but green.. or if someone ripped off his skin from the neck down and all of his muscles were green. it should look like clothing not alien biotech.. its coming from HIS imagination. blah.. /rant

  11. Van Wilder would have made a great Wally West. Hal Jordan? Not feeling it. And now, not seeing it.
    “In Brightest Day… write that down.”

    I fell like I’m looking at a Green Lantern Slim Goodbody. You have to be 40 or older to know who that is, probably.

  12. It’s definitely a Hollywood superhero costume. “Take the one from the comics, tone it down, then add a bunch of unnecessary lines and junk. It’ll look more real that way.”

  13. I’m not upset over it, but I frankly don’t see what was wrong in this case with using the comics design – unlike, say, Wolverine’s yellow and blue costume, this one’s colours and design would actually work just as well on the screen as what they’ve come up with.

  14. Doctor Sleepless on

    I like the style of the costume, it looks alien, it looks cool and the tendon/muscle look is kinda creepy in a good way…The mask looks ridiculous though..WTF

  15. I’m not a huge fan of the suit but, like others have said, at least there are no nipples. That has to count for something. I would have prefered that they do something closer to Hal Jordan’s suit from the comics but Hollywood pretends to love us geeks and then just breaks our hearts.

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