With all the brouhaha surrounding the new Wonder Woman look, it’s a perfect time to take a look at other costume interpretations of the Amazonian princess and be thankful for what we’ve been given.

Some possibly NSFW images after the jump.

If you missed it before, here’s the new look Jim Lee and DC came up with for this alternate history Wonder Woman:

Now, let’s consider some other possibilities

10. Wonder Woman in Sweater Ensemble and Shades

It keeps the stars and stripes theme that everyone likes, but in order to keep Wonder Woman warm when she travels to the Great White North the costume gets the knit wool and jeans treatment.

9.  The Biker Chick Look

This look by Mike Deodato interpretation was worn by Diana when she lost the costume and Wonder Woman title to Artemis during the Wonder Woman: The Contest and Wonder Woman: The Challenge of Artemis years.

8.  Just Add Black Hose Look

A lot of people don’t like the pants in the new Wonder Woman costume. It could have been worse, the company could have just added a pair of black hose and called it good.

7.  The Blue Wetsuit Look

When thinking of Wonder Woman, many may remember the look Lynda Carter made famous during the Wonder Woman television show of the 1970s. Whenever Diana had to jump in the ocean, she whipped up this lovely costume. For those that think Wonder Woman needs to cover up, DC could gone in this direction.

6.  The Less is More Look

Instead of putting clothes on, the Spring Break Look could have been an option, complete with sparkly sandals, and T-back.

5.  The Ame-Comi Look

There was a tad bit of controversy when the second Ame-Comi Wonder Woman statue was unveiled, as readers thought the look was more hooker than warrior. There’s not a lot of protection for a warrior who is going to scrap it up with sharp weapons. Give the girl a jacket or something…

4.  Dominatrix Wonder Woman

When Wonder Woman was created, the bondage nature of her adventures wasn’t lost on many, including creator William Moulton Marston who embraced the idea.

“Giving to others, being controlled by them, submitting to other people cannot possibly be enjoyable without a strong erotic element”

While this may be so, I think this look is taking it a bit too far.

3.  Go-Go Wonder Woman

Can you imagine the conversation that would have occurred if this look had been used?

“Keep the stars and stripes, give her a real tiara, fishnets, and those fuzzy go-go boots all the girls are wearing these days, and we’ve got gold!”

Yeah, me neither…

2.  The Less is More Look (Part 2)

Good Gog,No.

1.  Beehive Wonder Woman

For those that think Wonder Woman would look better wearing anything but the newly unveiled costume, let’s consider this:

All things considered, if DC had to make a costume change, it could have been much worse. And fortunately within a year we’ll be back to the classic look.


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  1. I just don’t see why they don’t take her back to more of her Olympian roots. I’m with you on Biker chick and Anime chick but the rest … well … your milage may varry.

  2. Just for the record, i really like the pants and the more is more aproach of the new look, it’s the matador jacket that’s all wrong in my book

  3. brainypirate on

    Repeat after me: Women’s costumes should be designed so that there’s no danger of their pubes showing!!! Cover it up! Argh!!!

    (I wonder if Diana ever forgets to shave her pits before going out — and if she did, would she be afraid to throw a punch?)

  4. All I have to say is this:

    While I don’t care for the new suit, I have no intention of getting involved with the discussion, because somehow, liking the old uniform keeps getting turned into an explanation of how I’m a sexist, an arrested adolescent and a pervert.

    It’s not as though Superman and Batman aren’t running around in leotards and man-panties, where’s the outrage there? Spider-Man was 16 when he started swanning through New York in Aunt May support hose… No psycho-sexual connotations? No angry commentary? Y’know who wears an even skimpier costume that Wonder Woman? THE GODDAMN THING. Why aren’t we being castigated for liking that, hmm? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    I appreciate that people are invested in their characters, but sometimes a cigar is just a $&@!ing cigar, folks.

    • @ Matthew Peterson –

      I can totally see the Thing’s, er, rocks.

      He mocks me with them.

      He mocks us all.

      With his rocks.

      I’m outraged.

      You’re a whore for reminding me.

      Now I’m traumatized. :-p

    • While I agree with you that liking the old costume better doesn’t automatically make you anything, I would like to point out that the Thing’s costume isn’t intended to sexualize him. This is the biggest problem I have when people say “Hey, the male heroes are all half naked and stuff too.” Generally it’s not meant for sex appeal, it’s meant to show how strong and “manly” the character is.

      I think though that the large majority of people who prefer the old costume aren’t doing so out of a desire to see more of Wonder Woman’s skin, I think it’s just that WW is a classic character. She’s not the only character to get nerd rage over a major costume change – of either gender.

  5. Stephen…. I really don’t want to know where you got some of these pictures. You might want to give bondage Wonder Woman a bit more cover though.

  6. Who is the woman in costume #6? i need to know for academic research purposes only, of course. Harummph.

    That’s Zelda Horowitz, a fixture on the South Florida party circuit, known for her prowess with a hula hoop and for inventing a drink called “Holy $#!+ That Was Awesome” mixing rum with more rum, orange juice, different rum, and a smidge of cough syrup. She has ventured into film, appearing as “Passerby #7” in “What Kind Of Fool Am I?” in 2008 and as “Girl in Bikini” in “Go Go Harlots vs. Dracula’s Daughter”, in the sequel “Go Go Harlots Meet Frankenstein” as well as the classic “Go Go Harlots Run For Congress.”

    She’s also the girl referenced in every other post on “Texts From Last Night” dot com.

    She’s also a dead ringer for my former boss…

    • I am duly impressed by the breast, I mean breadth of your response.

      “Go Go Harlots”, eh? I missed that series at the local movie theaters, but I’m sure I can find copies wherever fine film classics are sold.

      Mileage may vary on her face, but I dunno if I could concentrate at work with a body like that in the office. Zelda’s probably way, way too thick and curvy for the mainstream.
      Models and actresses built like preteen boys may be the current standard, but I really appreciate her hour glass figure and hint of abs.

      All that, plus she “invented” a drink?! Zelda is clearly a Renaissance woman. She should run for office…in that outfit. “Gosh, Katie, I can see Cuba from South Beach.”

      • Mileage may vary on her face, but I dunno if I could concentrate at work with a body like that in the office.

        Well, it was actually more annoying than distracting. She was a nice woman and all, but damned if I didn’t get irritated trying not to notice that she dressed in a way designed to enhance ‘the girls.’ When I’m a foot taller than most of the women I work with, cleavage issues become more than just a “look away” thing, it really becomes a “I don’t want to see my boss’ areolas” kind of thing. Luckily for me, she’s one of ELEVEN Operations Managers I’ve had in this job, and she’s now in an office where she’s happier and making more money, so we’re good.

  7. Eye-Roller Lass on

    After a quick stop to BLEACH MY EYES, I’ll be definetly getting the recipe for sweater number 10.

  8. Um. That dominatrix version scared me.
    I mean, seriously.
    Scared. Me.
    I was thinking of that biker chick costume that wonder woman had when artemis was the new wonder woman. The pic you found is a little sluttier, but it gotta make you wonder… maybe DIANA likes it?

    I like the new costume, some hate it, but maybe Diana herself is a bit tired of being an Olympian greek goddess and wants to have fun in a more modern outfit?

    It won’t stick, though, but it’s the start for a costume less… revealing.

    (And nobody really cares about the Thing being bare chested, his rocky armour pretty much counts as his costume. I mean, it’s not like you see any rocky nipples, do you? Or even rocky abs… They DID change Namor’s costume)

    • (And nobody really cares about the Thing being bare chested, his rocky armour pretty much counts as his costume. I mean, it’s not like you see any rocky nipples, do you? Or even rocky abs… They DID change Namor’s costume)

      Yeah, but the Thing is traditionally bare-legged and barefoot as well… I’m just sayin’. :)

  9. Looking at number 1(doing my best not to), I always wondered what happend to Jon Waters muse Divine, now I know.

  10. The one in number two isn’t Wonder Woman, it’s some chick from a 3D-adu….I mean….Jesus Stephen, and here I was, thinking you were a decent, church-going, something-something…something. I’m glad I was wrong.

    • The one in number two isn’t Wonder Woman, it’s some chick from a 3D-adu….I mean….Jesus Stephen, and here I was, thinking you were a decent, church-going, something-something…something. I’m glad I was wrong.

      Man, are you ever in for a treat if you meet the man in person…

    • The proper use of a search engine can yield many wondrous and heinous things.
      And if you are wondering, there were only two search phrases used for this article
      “Terrible Wonder Woman Costume”
      “Wonder Woman Stripper”

      • ~wyntermute~ on

        With search terms like those, I’m surprised you were actually able to turn up 10 presentable photos!! 0_0 I’ve googled “Wonder Woman” before, and…. Let’s just leave it at that.

  11. For #5, I have three things: 1)Camel toes, 2)Shoelace 3) Broken ribs. Also, is #2 a still shot from that new DCU MMORPG? By the way Stephen, are you sure you didn’t throw in just one extra search on that search engine, “asian Wonder Woman strippers”, just forgot to mention that one?

  12. Jordan Levells on

    I have a brief question, why is everyone so excited about the pants thing? Look, I get that over-sexualizing super heroines is a problem (I myself have been wondering about the new Star Sapphire costume for a while now) but everywhere I go its statements about how everyone’s happy she has pants because now she doesn’t look like a stripper. I’ve never really gotten that kind of vibe from the costume though. People, it’s just a pair of pants. There’s no reason to assume that wonder woman being any more/less clothed would make her seem less heroic. It’s frickin’ Wonder Woman for Cripe’s sake! When someone has reached the point that half the planet owers them their lives, you officially can wear something that looks like a one-piece bathing suit.

  13. Also, re: #10: Somewhere, in NYC or San Fran, the 1 hipster who actually likes comics (non-ironically) suddenly wept in gratitude – the perfect woman was out there, somewhere, wearing shades and a knit sweater.

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