Contrary to all the rumors that were flying fast and furious across the Intardwebz and cable networks, Sony Pictures has found its Peter Parker for the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise in Andrew Garfield.

“Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor’s work understand his extraordinary talents,” Webb said of Garfield. “He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity.”

Garfield’s name had been bandied about over the last month, with other actors taking more of the spotlight during the mad rumor rush to announce the casting.  It wasn’t until a press conference in Cancun that Sony unveiled Garfield to national press. For those that think Garfield is too young, the actor is 26 years old as he plays the high school aged Parker.  That’s the same age Tobey Maguire was when he appeared in the first Spider-Man film.

Contrast that to Tom Welling, who was 24 when he was cast to play Clark Kent in the 2001 launch of Smallville.

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  1. I don’t see it; that must have been some kind of audition. I like always will reserve judgement until I see the movie… or at least a trailer.

  2. I will reserve judgment. We are a LONG way off from this film being complete. Anyways, actors, even good ones, are often as only good as the script and the director’s vision and execution. In the case of the first two Spider-Man movies, we basically had a perfect storm working. So we’ll see.

  3. Well, I wanted Dakota Fanning to play Gwen Stacy, or Molly Quinn to play MJ, but both would be kind of icky now. But he does look like a decent Parker.

  4. Ok, i think there needs to be a decision as to which Spidey we’re seeing. I don’t want another origin, that was done too well in the original. If its high school Parker, cast a kid, if its adult Parker cast an adult.

    I love Maguire, thought he captured peter wonderfully. Don’t see this guy doing the same. Bring back Raimi.

    • Of course you have to re-do the origin! It’s a reboo… I mean a “new perspective”! In the name of Lucas you can’t expect a Hollyweird big time director to come in and actually use SOMEONE ELSE’S “VISION”! That’s like re-using toilet paper!

      Seriously, it’s like Hollywood coming in and screaming the ripped-off tag line of the former “Rock”… “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU LIKE!!” We’ll make Superman a dead-beat dad and home-wrecker! We’ll take Dick Greyson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake and roll them into one piss-poor version of Robin! WE’LL GIVE BATGIRL A ‘STASH! WE’RE HOLLYWOOD AND WE OWN THESE CHARACTERS! DO YOU HEAR ME! WE OWN THEM!!!!!!!!


      Sorry, lost my mind there just for a moment…

      I meant to say “I agree. No more origins.” Sorry. Too much coffee today.

      • The only thing about that though was that the first movie’s origin really only involved like 10-15 minutes of high school, so there is room for a movie to happen during that time.

  5. I reserve judgement until I see him in action. I thought Tobey was a great Peter but a crappy SpiderMan.

  6. Wow. 2012. So we got Avengers, Spiderman, Batman, and Superman all in one year. I bet Batman takes all. And in the Marvel DC war, I am giving the slight nod to DC only because they positioned Superman’s release away from the other three. I am more sure of Batman trounching the other three though.

    • That all equates to a total geekgasm. I can’t wait! I would agree that Batman will probably clean house. Considering how well Dark Knight did, and taking a bit longer to bring the next movie out should translate to huge box office.

    • SpiderLover on

      Well It may, but I dont know I think the last Batman movie was great because of Heath Ledger. I don’t see anyone matching that performance, and since I can never understand Batman when he speaks it knocks things down a peg for me.

      Though we’ll see I hope its as good but how can you top that performance honestly?

  7. I’m not crazy about the notion of a reboot and another origin. It is interesting that they’re casting an unknown. I’ll give it a chance until I hear more. Webb is an unexpected choice to direct. I thought 500 Days of Summer was overrated but it did have angst. Vanderbilt is writing the script and he did Zodiac, which was great, as well as the Losers, which was not.

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