Wonder Woman has been wearing the same costume for nigh on 70 years now, and DC thinks it is time for a change.  The company unveiled the new Wonder Woman look today to coincide with the release of Wonder Woman #600, written by J. Michael Straczynski, Don Kramer, and Michael Babinski, that is in stores today.  The redesign is the work of Jim Lee and promises to push the Amazonian into a new era of adventure.

While this is a pretty big change in terms of costume, we do need to keep in mind that Diana has had several looks over the last couple of years, and I was rather fond of the Agent Diana look she sported when Gail Simone was in charge.

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  1. Eh, and in about a year it’ll be back to the traditional costume.

    See also:
    Superman Red/Blue
    Wonder Woman costume circa 1995
    Spider-Man’s black costume
    Iron Man’s Silver and Red Armor

  2. Ug. I don’t hate it per say. I think this would be a great look for Donna Troy or Cassie but NOT Diana. It makes her look like a third string character and I can definately see the JMS infleunce here. Very Witchblade.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. I actually kinda like the look, but it looks like it should be on someone who’s 17-23, not Wonder Woman.

  3. Astro Dinosaurus on

    I, I’m okay with this. That being said though, I feel this is a bit to “Black Canary” for my taste and doesn’t really feel that unique or Wonderwoman-ish. I would have gone for some leather and armor, a more swords and sandals look if you will.

  4. “Keep the stars, keep the stripes, but tone it down… add some black… yeah, black leather pants… thats great!”

    Somebody got their degree at the Bucky-Cap School of Temporary Costume Redesign and Modernization

  5. DC just does not know what to do with this character. Not to mention the costume change but they are giving her a whole origin change also. Come on people. She is becoming like the Hawks so confused.

  6. I am glad to see that the powers that be at DC are as blind and dumb as ever.

    This costume stinks, I will wait to the real Wonder Woman shows back up.

      • I kind of wish they’d go back to more a Golden Age Wonder Woman, or one more out of New Frontier. This making her hip, and street worthy is lame. She is a goddess she doesn’t have to look like a leather punk.

        Why does she have to rip off Wonder Girl?

        • I think I love you, Larry. *LOL*

          This is exactly what I’ve been saying on the other thread, albeit with a lot more words. ;-)

    • I just think about it like this, I haven’t picked up a Wonder Woman comic in like 15 years and even then it came out of a quarter bin. Her classic look, while iconic, is kinda dated and just makes me think that it isn’t really anything I can relate to, and that’s kinda how I feel about Superman as well. I have reservations about this outfit as well, I think it looks too young for her and would be better on Wonder Girl or someone like Liberty Belle.

  7. Gloves, jacket, eh.

    Pants. Pants are good. I’ve always thought Wonder Woman should be channeling Solomon Grundy and screaming that she just wants a decent pair of pants.

    Of course if she didn’t have the blue jacket with the stars, it would have had to be blue jeans with stars. Which would have gotten attacked for making Wonder Woman a teenager.

  8. I hate the choker and the tights should be navy blue, but I’m fine with the overall look. Won’t matter anyways since it’ll be undone as soon as JMS is off the book.

  9. Astro Dinosaurus on

    Okay this isn’t perfect but does anyone actually think this a step down from star-spangled panties..cause really?

  10. Really not a fan of the jacket or choker. I do like the trousers though, maybe if they were navy and they got rid of the jacket.

  11. I don’t have a problem with making a change but this is all over the place. Agree with some of the others that the pants, strange things on her feet, choker and little jacket don’t work. I hate when superheroes wear jackets! Having said that, the top and the wrist thingies could work if the rest wasn’t so off.

  12. Okay, while I can’t say that I love the design, I do think that it is at least a STEP in the right direction. I, for one, was fed up with the notion of her running around in a one piece swimsuit. I mean, really? She’s an amazonian warrior who has no sense of self-defence? On the other hand, this costume tales one step too many and moves too far in the other direction. The pants are fine. The bracers are a must, as is the tiara. I can stand the choker (who am I kidding? I love the choker.)I even like how they maintained the general feel of the bodice. But the short jacket seriously must go. Seriously, what would have been wrong with giving her a plunging neckline on a long sleeve fitted shirt/top? As it stands, she looks too much like Wonder Girl used to.

  13. brainypirate on

    I am grateful that this costume does not allow artists to turn her trunks into butt-floss. (In one recent comic, I was actually worried about whether Diana had to get a bikini wax before going out in public!) I am also grateful that I won’t have to worry about whether her breastplate will fail to contain her chest (the 2nd most popular in the DCU, according to Canary herself). So I hope this costume paves the way for less of the stripper-Woman look Diana gets too often.

    And maybe the trend will catch on and Canary, Zatanna, Power Girl, et al. will all finally get their butt-cheeks covered!

    (I would have liked to see boots though; the pants look too much like leggings–shades of Lindsey Lohan!)

  14. I agree with Brainy about the catching on. It may sound shallow of me, but one reason I dont care for Power Girl more is her costume. She looks deformed with her breasts bout to come out in each panel. Why can’t they cover that up some? I still hate this wonder woman look though.

  15. Eye-Roller Lass on

    My, so many fashion experts!
    The outfit is fine, it’s the reboot that got me feeling a little iffy. You know, I’d like to see someone even try to suggest something like that for Batman. Yeah, Bruce will be too tired when he’s back, so let’s make him younger (courtesy of Lazarus’ Spa) and/or reboot his story: now he’s a normal tech-savvy teenager who drives his inspiration from an ancient Bat Totem and fights evil with his friends, his bat-chihuahua and a hoverboard. Kids love hoverboards!
    Wonder Woman’s continuity is full of ham-handed “updates” that did little to endear her to fans, old and new. *Looking at you, Wonder-Artemis!*
    Color me skeptical, but what the hell, I’ll buy this one. Anything without sparkly vampires, mutilations or the pointless murder of little children cannot be that bad.
    I’m crossing my fingers, like you won’t believe right now.

    • Fingers crossed that it’ll be good or that it won’t have sparkly vampires senselessly murdering children, cause from what I hear of the first issue…..

      TEAM JACOB!!!! That’s one of the Twilight’s names right? Jacob Twilight or something?

  16. chillidawg72 on

    Wonder Woman is intended to be a mythical figure of Greek origin. Now she looks like she’s going out clubbing. Why do superheros need to only have one costume anyway. Wouldn’t they get dirty after a while? I say we put her in a traditional period based toga. IE: One boob hanging out :P.

  17. brainypirate on

    I’m reading the DC blog now–so the story-line is that the timeline has been changed by the gods themselves and suddenly all of Diana’s history has changed. Okay, that’s at least an interesting take that supplies more purpose then your standard retcon–plus, it’s internally generated, which is nice.

    I also like JMS’s comment that people didn’t like the disco-dancing Wonder Woman that he presented in B&B a few months back. That’s a very interesting statement about how people view WW.

    But if the whole timeline has been changed, what will this do to the JLA and — wait for it — the return of Max Lord????

    • Did they change the main DCU timeline or just create a new one? I think part of the story is that she will be trying to get back to the original timeline, but I could be wrong.
      I remember, back in 96 or so, my local comic book dealer complaining that all the big Batman stories were happening in mini-series like the Long Halloween. His reasoning was that he was already carrying several regular Batman series that didn’t sell nearly as well, and he could make more if the mini-series were just presented within the main title. If this is an alternate timeline, I like that DC is putting it into the main title instead of putting out a spin off mini-series for a title that only ships 25,000 issues.

      • I was wrong that this was in a different timeline. It seems that they did change the current DCU timeline. I wish they hadn’t done that. If they don’t change it back sooner than later, they may “Hawkworld” everything up.

  18. It would be nice if they stopped updating characters costumes with silly leather jackets and wierd stuff on thier ankles/feet. Leather jackets work in movies but in comics it just makes them look pretentious.

  19. I like the new costume if it were for a new character or if it were a redesign for Wondergirl or Donna Troy. Wonder Woman, though, is a more iconic character, and I suspect she will be back to her more recognizable costume soon.

    I agree with Stephen though, when the Project Rooftop people redesigned Wonder Woman’s costume the results were far more interesting.

  20. i like it!!!

    i hate her old costume, I’ve always hated the the eagle/w and the way her chest is always pooping out of it and way the bottom of the bating suites leaves to many artist drawing ass shots, hell it was even in sin city

    i like that under that jacket, she have sleeves or at lest something that holds up her top, the only thing that would change if i had to would be to add the old eagle over her chest rather then the W with the eagle head

    while this look is one that a lot of female heroes have at the moment is popular at there is a reason for it some costumes don’t work, and i for one have always thought wonder woman’s doesn’t. this one works for an older superhero woman who comes from an island of women. dont get me wrong i love a costume that shows a lot i miss the legion’s skimpy barley covering 70 costumes, and i love the emma frost with the X cut out of her clothing. and i do like the when the old costume is a skirt over the leotard bottom

    i know the fan bitching is going to get this changed back. but i like it

  21. Jonathan Cadotte on

    Here’s my take on it. Wonder Woman has always been an icon for strong girls and women. But for decades her costume has been nothing but fetish gear with a patriotic twist to it. Her costume always made her such a contradiction. An independent woman, who didn’t need to play into any of the male desires, but was a walking desire. Ya follow? Now, I’m not saying that this costume isn’t sexy or doesn’t have some attributes that geeky boys will enjoy, but it’s a step forward into being a more practical, and non-cheesecake costume. It also gives her a stronger image I think. Hopefully this will transfer into more female characters.

  22. I’m fine with it, she doesn’t need to be a “object of lust” to be wonder woman. In the end is she defined by what she is wearing, or the way she behaves? This isn’t a horrible costume. She lost some stripes and stars, put on some pants, and wore a jacket because its cold out. Don’t judge her :)

  23. Why are people so unhappy that she changes her costume?

    I am more interested in where the writer is going to take the story. Gail Simone didn’t do it for me.

  24. Got to admit, I like the costume, not love it, but its not terrible. Maybe a bit young for a WOMAN. For those who like the classic costume (and yes, I respect the classics, especially her classics) I always wonder how she keeps from falling out of that outfit. Why cant the costume alter every so often? It already has you know, the braclets change size from artist to artist, the chest emblem changes slightly, the pants get higher, then lower then higher again on the hips. I think I saw some iteration with her in something like bicycle shorts-really liked it. Want to talk about her “CLASSIC” look, go back to the long skirt she wore in her FIRST appearance. That’s gone,(thank god). Bman and Sman have had costumes that have changed, why not Wwoman?

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