If the rumors are to be believed, Alice Eve, star of She’s Out of My League, has been approached to play Emma Frost in the Michael Vaughn’s adaptation of X-Men: First Class.  It’s a rumor for now, as previous “news” had Rosamund Pike playing the blonde telepath.

Not being familiar with Eve’s work, I’ll leave it up to you, Dear Reader, to let your nerd love, or your nerd rage be heard in the comment section below.

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  1. If they’re throwing Emma Frost in to a “First Class” movie then it wouldn’t matter if Pamela Anderson played the part since it would have nothing to do with the “first class” of X-Men that us “old timers” grew up with, nor the “second team” from GSX-Men#1 lo those many years ago. The movie series continuity is incredibly awful and makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. There has never been a shred of comic-true continuity to the X-move franchise. Why stop screwing it up now?

    Although the X-movies should have been the best of them all, I grow increasingly lukewarm toward them as it seems a semi-good series only loosely based on the comics I know.

    As for Alice Eve, I haven’t seen enough of her to have an opinion. Hopefully she has some acting skills and isn’t on-screen simply because she’s an “actress of the moment”.

    Maybe they can get Megan Fox to play Jean and Zac Effron to play Scott. Jonah Hill will be Beast. You get the picture.

  3. One thing. Do you honestly believe that without teh success of that trilogy and the spiderman trilogy that we would have had two great Iron Man movies and Thor Cap and Avengers on the way? I don’t. I think those films are the reason that we have such a welcome glut of MArvel properties on the way now not to mention the slew of other comic translations on the way.

    I for one enjoyed all of them. Some were better than others but for me, I got to see my favourite characters on the big screen and I’ll get to see more because of them. As for this casting, what is so bad about taking a currently popular character (and one who featured heavily in recent TV cartoon versions of the x-men) in order to increase the teams appeal. These films aren’t made for comic fans they are made for the mass audience.

    • Oh, I have no doubt that without the buzz from Spiderman and the first X-men movie I’d never have gotten the fun of seeing Downey Jr. own the part of Tony Stark. However, they still did Iron Man 1&2 despite the awful Hulk, Dardevil, Electra, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Surfer and Ghost Rider movies (regardless of what studio did which).

      Sure it will be great to see Captain America on screen (unless it’s one of those damn takes-two-hours-to-get-costume-30 minutes-fighty/fight deals). And I understand that the movies are more of appeal to the “current market” than fossils like me. But if, as morpheus pointed out, it’s mostly to do with using the character rights and money then I stick by my first comment…it wouldn’t matter who you cast as Emma Frost because all you’re going to get is a tight-butt, loose busom, scantily clad actress without the hint of the complex character that’s Emma after years of being part of the Hellfire Club, then leader of the Hellions and then an X-man.

      I also stick by my guns that, outside of the first Spiderman movies (reboot this, damnit…) and Iron Man the writing of the movies based on Marvel characters has been extremely disappointing. I’m talking about The Return of Superman disappointing…Batman and Robin disappointing. Here’s hoping Captain America and the Avengers can hold onto IM’s coat-tails.

    • So Spider-man and the first X-movie broke ground, therefore they are beyond question?

      I’m sorry but that doesn’t fly with me. The fact is that the franchise has gone downhill after that and the movies that were geared for “general audiences” didn’t do that much better. I’m not saying that the movies have to pander to the fans, but they do have to respect the core material. Last I checked, X-Men wasn’t about how Wolverine was so awesome and his merry men were anything but.

  4. It would be wise to keep in mind that Marvel has nothing to do with the X-men movies. Those rights were sold off before Marvel got into movies, just like Spider-man. Why would Emma be in this movie… b/c by adding her to the movie Fox can prevent Marvel from using Emma in another movie without paying Fox for the use. This has nothing to do with the characters and all to do with the money and rights.

  5. This news upsets me too. I was hoping that this would be all about: Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Marvel Girl, Iceman and Professor X.

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