Adrianne Curry is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world and is the hottest pop culture fan on the planet.

After being crowned the very first winner of “America’s Next Top Model”, the brunette stunner appeared in a number of magazines, runway shows and reality shows including “My Fair Brady” which chronicled her romance and marriage to Peter Brady himself, actor Christopher Knight. The Playboy playmate and Maxim hottie is not only known for her beauty and outgoing personality but for her love of pop culture as well. After encountering the model at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con, which included an unforgettable encounter on top of the Batmobile, I tapped Adrianne for an interview which she gladly accepted. Find out how Adrianne fell in love with all things fantasy, comics and cosplay.

Victoria: It’s mind boggling that someone as gorgeous as you is a geek at heart. When did your love affair with sci-fi and comics begin?

Adrianne: When I was a very little girl. I spent my days watching Dark Crystal, Legend, The Last unicorn, Neverending Story, and Star Wars. I am ashamed to admit it, but I was young, I also watched the Ewok Adventures. My Dad is HUGE into everything fantasy and sci-fi, and I guess he just rubbed off on me. He was more into Star trek though. As for comics, I was a tomboy, and most of my friends were boys, so that came naturally.

Victoria: Is it true that you’re a member of the 501st Legion?

Adrianne: I am an honorary member. However, currently I am working on my Imperial crew uniform, which will also convert into my TIE Pilot once I get my bucket and chest armor. I have everything I need, i just need a new flight suit. the last one I got was so big the seamstress couldnt take it in without it looking stupid. Luckily for me, the boots worn with imperial uniforms go up to your knees so no one will see me flooding! I have yet to meet a group with such amazing people in it. Midwest Garrison has my heart, and I know more of their members than any other fraction.

Victoria: Which do you prefer; the original Star Wars films or the newer ones?

Adrianne: Episode 4,5, and 6! Nothing ever beats the originals. However. I was quite fond of Episode 3. There is something about watching Ani own some poor little padawan’s that puts a smile on my face. I think what it did for me was make Vader’s redemption much bigger than it originally was when he saved Luke in the end. I am glad that the newer episodes came out, because with them came a whole new Star wars generation…and that is never a bad thing!

Victoria: You’ve put some incredible costumes together such as Wonder Woman, Classic Silk Spectre and Slave Leia. What are you working on next?

Adrianne: Currently I am working on Aeon Flux, and NOT from that terrible fucking movie that should have never been made. Aeon is a 28 year old Dominatrix Killer. I turn 28 in August, so this is it…the year I’ve been waiting for. Like I said before, i’ve also been piecing together my Imperial crew/TIE, but also bought a shiny black cat suit and a waist corset to have a sexy version as well. Just add cogs! I’ve also just started work on a Silent Hill nurse. Luckily for me, I know a lot of people in the movies, so I can get my mask made by a bad ass who does it for a living instead of struggling myself. SPOILED! The dress and body paint will be all me, as well as the walk.

Victoria: What’s your favorite thing about attending comic conventions?

Adrianne: When I’m NOT working! When I’m disguised and no one knows me, and they only see my costume. Of course, above all else, taking epic pictures with other cosplayers. It never fails to amuse me when I pose being “force choked” by Lord Vader as Wonder Woman….Or wrapping my legs around the best Rorschach I can find! Costumes just…well, they make everyone hot. To me, Comic Con is almost a big Eyes Wide Shut party, minus the sex. But it’s still that beautiful! I also love to see little kids light up when they see a perfect replica of their favorite Super Hero or character. Innocence and imagination are a beautiful thing. Isn’t that why we go to these? So we can hang on to what we have left of the two?

Victoria: Who is your favorite comic book character and why?

Adrianne: 20 years ago I would have said Batman. I am obsessed with the darker version of Bruce Wayne and his world. The Dark Knight Returns is one of my fav comics of all time. However, when I got older (not old enough to have read it though, mind you!) I read Watchmen, and my whole world changed. To this day, it is still the best comic I ever read. Why? Because it didn’t read like a comic. it read almost like Lord Of The Rings does, a visual movie plays in your head. The depth of the characters, their flaws, just perfection. In this perfection, I fell in Love with Rorschach. He is epic. He is what I always thought Bruce Wayne was. A twisted dark mutation of what could have been. His entire story is tragic. An abused extremist right winged psychopath with a heart for children. What woman WOULDN’T love that????

Victoria: What other conventions will you be attending this year?

Adrianne: I am gearing up for Star Wars celebration V in Orlando this August! To say I am excited is a gross understatement. Lucasfilm writer Bonnie Burton and Lucasfilm artist Tom Hodges hooked me the fuck up with VIP passes! It’s the best birthday present in the world! (August 6th is my b-day) After Celebration, I fly directly to Chicago for Comic Con. I’m super excited about that as well, because it’s my home city, and I know a LOT of people going. I’m really hoping to have my Imperial Crew uniform FINISHED so I can show it off to the Midwest Garrison…and finally become an active member. It’s time to start trooping!

I will be attending the San Diego Comic Con this year as a fan, and not working. Finally, I will have the time to run around! I believe I will be wearing both versions Of Leeloo, my brand new Slave Master Slave Leia bikini and my Aeon Flux. The only thing I have to do work related is sit on The Action chicks panel with a couple of fellow nerdy internet bitches. Am I an Internet bitch? I suppose we all are…We are all bitches on the internet. I may be at New York Comic Con as well, but I don’t know yet.


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  1. Awesome job, Victoria.

    Too freaking cool that she’s a big geek like she is and really knows her stuff.

    Having watched her on various reality TV shows, I would have never guessed she is into all of that.

  2. The picture with the yellow outfit (original Silk Specter?) is the hottest thing I’ve seen since I deleted all my old Betty Page links.

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