I got very little sleep last night, when the wee morning launch of the DC Comics App hit iTunes, and gave me one more reason to tout digital comics, the iPad and DC Entertainment. With over 100 digital editions available on launch, it appears we have plenty of reading to keep us busy.  But what comics did DC leave out in the launch, and what titles need to appear soon to capitalize on the craze?

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1.  The Dark Knight Returns

Let’s face it, Batman is a big big deal for DC, and with renewed interest in the Batman movie getting play across the Intardwebz thanks to recent comments made by Christopher Nolan, this series need to find a home in the DC Comics digital store right away.

2.  Watchmen

This one is a little harder to package, as it would take a really long time to for ComiXology to do that magical auto-transition thingy that makes reading digital comics through their app such an interesting experience.  Granted, the movie didn’t reach crazy status after it arrived in theaters, but when the print trade collection sold more in one month than the company normally sells in a year, there just might be an opportunity to get some additional sales with this trade.

3.  Wonder Woman

She’s one of DC’s Trinity of characters, and she appears on the splash screen of the app, yet she’s no where to be found in the store (as of this writing).  Let’s not forget the female heroes!

4.  52

Even though the universe has changed, again! there’s no reason why new comic readers wouldn’t find this weekly series fascinating.  The B,C, and D-list characters keep the story relatively fresh, with the big picture reveals still creating a lot of impact for new readers. Plus, I want to carry around a huge comic series on something that is really portable.

5.  Blue Beetle

It’s a closed series, as it tells everything a reader needs to know from beginning to end, and it is a fantastic ride.  With word that a Blue Beetle television series is headed to the small screen, now is the perfect time to start building a following.

6.  Every Golden Age “DC” book

Detective Comics, Action Comics, Superman, Batman, Justice Society of America. Finding early issues of these titles is near impossible and most readers don’t have the money in the bank to pick these up at auction.  I really didn’t want to pull the Competitor’s Card this soon, but Marvel does have first appearance issues and series of Iron Man, Thor, and the Avengers.  Heck, with the push to return current characters to the Silver Age, might as well throw in all the Showcase series, too.

7.  Crisis on Infinite Earths

Barry Allen made Ultimate Sacrifice in this series, and it still stands as one of the most important company wide events from any publisher.  While it may not hold up as well as other series on this list, there’s still enough interest (as seen in trade sales) that it would sell well in the DC Comics digital store.

8.  Starman

We’ve already reviewed the first two omnibus editions of James Robinson and Tony Harris’ Starman on the Major Spoilers Podcast, and it’s been a favorite our ours each time.  Another closed series that introduces and builds the universe of Starman still reads well today, and the combination of Robinson and Harris in one series shouldn’t be passed up on the iPad.

9.  Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man?  Why not?

10.  Identity Crisis

It’s the beginning of the end in this murder mystery that introduces readers to the dark times of the JLA.  Stunning art, surprise twists, and a few tear-jerking moments, make Identity Crisis a series that would look stunning on the iPad.


I know, I know; the application has just been released, and it seems there’s no pleasing me. Of course I can be pleased, just look at that list above and charge my account accordingly.


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  1. Off the subject, that’s the biggest neck I’ve ever seen on Superman in the art on the banner. Reminded me of some of the guys from the UNC football team I used to be friends with back in college.

  2. Agree with you on most of this list. My only issue is the Golden Age library. Now Comic Book geeks like myself dig Golden Age comics. I know with Digital Comics they are trying to reach a total new audience into the medium. And I applaud them. My problem is I have tried to introduce new readers to The Greatest Stories Ever Told books I have. I can’t latch on. My Girlfriend for instance, is struggling to get through Wonder Woman in her Golden Age stories. I eventually gave up on that and got her the Jodi Picout run, and now she is hooked on comics. I have similar experiences with Batman in the past. Loan someone interested in comics Year One or Hush and they probably enjoy them. Read Golden Age stories of Batman carrying a side arm or some dastardly villian practice bondage on Wonder Woman, and you might not gain new fans.

    Tiny Titans I would put on this list instead to work on getting more young readers which I think is the intent.

  3. How is the app looking so far, Stephen?

    And in a bit of an unrelated note, I was just wondering how your iPad has been holding up so far. Decent battery life on it? :)

  4. hectorbustnuts on

    I’d really love to see “Gotham Central” get another lease of life digitally. A truly under-appreciated series.

    I’d also love to have a portable “Preacher” collection.

  5. Jonathan Cadotte on

    I’m glad to see that DC is getting on-board with the digital comics. I still have a huge love of physical comics, and I’m worried that digital comics will someday phase those out. I know that’s a long ways away but it’s a fear I do have. I wonder if there’s a way to make this a win-win situation.

    Excuse me, if this actually is a feature of the app, but I think an interesting feature all these comics apps should have is an option to order a physical copy of the digital comic from the app. To make it even better, I think these companies should partner with the brick and mortar stores and make it so that when someone orders a physical copy of the book, it comes from the buyers local store. I know that the logistics of that are insane, but maybe someday in the future, it could be a possibility.

    • If I’m not wrong, I think Comixology started as a web-based site for Brick & Mortar stores to manage their inventory and for customer to create pull lists, so I know there is a lot of interest in that area for Comixology. They already have a comic book store locator on the app using the GPS. There’s no doubt that billing and shipping on something like your suggestion would be complicated, but I get the feeling that Comixology is interested in evolving their company in a way that doesn’t totally cut off stores.

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