Even though The Last Airbender hasn’t opened yet, M. Night Shyamalan is already shopping around a new mystery project that already has Bruce Willis attached to it. Gwyneth Paltrow and Bradley Cooper are also rumored to be attached to the movie, but the big question is – WHAT IS HE WORKING ON!?

Willis has been involved in two M. Night productions, with Unbreakable being one that is more open to a sequel than The Sixth Sense. With the rapid growth of superhero movies, how likely is it that we’ll be seeing Unbreakable 2: Electric Boogaloo in theaters?  Would audiences even want to see a followup to the 2000 film?  On first view, Unbreakable wasn’t a favorite of mine, but years later, I have a fondness for what Shyamalan was doing. Considering the director has been working kid friendly movies into his repetoire (Lady in the Water, The Last Airbender), a superhero movie might be just the thing the wunderkind needs.

Would you be interested in Unbreakable 2, or did that ship already sail?

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  1. I love Unbreakable for the great character development, something you only have in an origin movie, a sequel would be nothing but fights and explosions…

    I don’t want to see a sequel to this, I see no way of making Unbreakable II work.

  2. I think a sequel could be really cool if it is done right. I loved the first one. I did not realize it was a Super Hero Origin story until the end. I had to let go of the whole, “water is your weakness thing,” but hey how real is being invincible?

    I would expect more of a suspenseful Crime Noir not an action movie. M. Night does not really do action movies, he does suspense. He had an alien invasion movie and the only “Action” scene was a redneck flake opening a can of whoop-ass on a bunch of dirty dishes. If he sticks to that … ooh, I am getting all tingly thinking about it. I may have to stay away from pantries.

    Enough with speculations… It may not be a sequel. I thought Bruce Willis is to M. Night as Johnny Depp is to Tim Burton, or Harrison Ford was to George Lucas, or Tom Hanks is to Steven Spielberg…

  3. The Sixth Sense was amazing. Nothing he’s made after that has even been worth it. Unbreakable left me with an “eh.” Signs was great, up until the lame ending. And The Happening was so horrific, it’s actually turned me off him completely. I mean, that movie was inexcusable.

  4. While I greatly enjoy Unbreakable I was under the impression it wasn’t overly successful in the box office. It was a good self contained story and second one would have to be a very different story than the original.

    I like Shyamalan work I’m willing to wait and see.

  5. Astro Dinosaurus on

    Unbreakable was his best movie, if the sequel sucks I don’t think I will care to much. On the other hand if it doesn’t … Oh happy day. So I hope they go ahead.

  6. Why is everyone thinking about Unbreakable 2?

    Unbreakable wasn’t even his best movie..and an all out action and explosive sequel won’t work! Sure unbreakable is seen as a superhero movie, but it’s a character study on how it would be, if it happened in real life. Shymalan was fascinated by superheroes and the mythology they had, and he made the movie as his take on what it could be.

    can’t people see that? a sequel just won’t work..leave the movie and focus on something else.

    Judging by trailers, the dude can handle fantasy on a big scale..air bender looks great and i think he would be great as a director for a Ramayan 3392 ad movie.

    I mean, it’s like the daddy of all lord of the rings movie, except it features a god in the battlefield fighting demons.. huge epic fights, powers, elemental magic and grand beautiful cities..the whole lot, it would be epic!

  7. I think a sequel would be great. Alot of people didn’t like the first one all that much, but it’s the perfect prequel to a real life superhero movie. It managed to merge superheros with reality.
    It’d be awesome to see a new movie.

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