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  1. Is Kato SUPPOSED to be way cooler than The Green Hornet could ever be? Cause really, this trailer makes The Green Hornet just look lame. Kato, on the other hand, kicks ass.

    I have no knowledge concerning the Green Hornet, though. So I have no clue. (But I thought it was set in the 1940’s or some such? Is this just an updated version?)

  2. Yes, I think you just saw all the decent parts. Kato is supposed to be cooler than the Hornet and kick ass but this goes a bit too far to the “white guy supposed to be in charge is really a dumb-ass” parody. I guess I’ll stick with the new series of Dynamite books, which are more along the line of the Green Hornet stuff I watched, read and heard (old recordings of the radio show) as a kid.

  3. Astro Dinosaurus on

    This doesn’t look THAT Green Hornet-like, but it sure as hell looks entertaining.
    And yes Kato must be a thousand times cooler. Remember he’s the main character, the TV-show was called “The Kato Show” ;)

  4. It’s interesting, I’ll say that. Seems like it’s just a “reimagining” of the Hornet through the usual action movie cliches, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see it. (And this one, I’m going to go see…)

  5. I am getting serious THE SHADOW flashbacks from this trailer. It seems so bland. And I for one can’t stand Seth Rogan. Even Kato, the sidekick who should upstage his “boss” seems bland. He has no charisma, unlike Bruce Lee.

    Also, Winter is a graveyard for comic book-like movies.

  6. I’m still going to go see this because Mom is a die-hard Green Hornet fan, but I agree with everyone else; I don’t like Britt looking like a idiot. Britt is the one that deals with the criminals and sets up the double-cross! Then, when the time comes, Kato jumps in and kicks their butts. I’m looking forward to seeing how the good guy as bad guy thing is played if Britt is as incompetent as the trailer paints him.

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