Atomic Robo: The Shadow Out Of Space

In this issue: Atomic Robo, HP Lovecraft, Charles Fort, Batman, Catman, and Superman! Let’s Get Dangerous!


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New Aqualad is coming
Marvel goes Day and Date

Batman #700

Grant Morrison returns to BATMAN with this oversized special! And he’s brought an all-star roster of artists along with him including Andy Kubert, Tony Daniel and Frank Quitely to celebrate this milestone 700th issue featuring stories spotlighting each of the Batmen from different eras – Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. You won’t want to miss this blockbuster story that paves the way for the return of Bruce Wayne and sports mind-boggling covers by superstars David Finch (BRIGHTEST DAY) and Mike Mignola (BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT, Hellboy)!

Rating: ★★★★★

Darkwing Duck #1
Written by Ian Brill
Drawn by James Silvani
COVER A: Magic Eye Studios
COVER B: James Silvani
Once St. Canard’s greatest protector, Darkwing Duck was known the world over as ‘The Terror That Flaps In The Night.’ Now, mysteriously, DW has not been seen or heard from in well over a year – and St. Canard finds that evil is once again on the rise. But when a nefarious plan threatens everyone, Darkwing Duck knows it’s time for the Duck Knight to return! ‘Let’s Get Dangerous!’ with Disney and BOOM! Studios as one of Disney’s most beloved characters makes a comeback in his own not-to-be-missed original ongoing series!

Rating: ★★★★½

Secret Six #22
Written by GAIL SIMONE 
It’s the bloody (and we mean bloody) conclusion to the “Cat in the Cradle” arc! Catman rages against those that have been trying to destroy his life. Will tensions within the Six force them to leave Catman to fend for himself? And is someone leaving the team? Let’s hope not!

Rating: ★★★★★

Superman has been around for a very long time, and has had many things happen to him. On of which was the Superman Red/Superman Blue storyline that occurred in 1963, and then adapted again in 1998. Do you prefer Superman Blue or Superman Red?

MAJOR SPOILERS DISCUSSION: Atomic Robo: The Shadow out of Space
It is 1926 when H.P. LOVECRAFT comes calling to warn ATOMIC ROBO of imminent doom. But the SHADOW FROM BEYOND TIME escapes into the future, intersecting with our world through the 20th century. The future and history of the universe hangs in the balance as ATOMIC ROBO teams up with, uh, ATOMIC ROBO in a last ditch effort to protect reality itself.

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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. Batman Beyond’s Aqua-member is a girl named Marina who is the daughter of Aquaman.

    So long as the story telling is good, why should race matter at all. I want a story not a poster for racial pride. I agree with Stephen.

    Could we have a poll to see how many people actually want to download a comic? Maybe 4 options: Yes, No, Don’t have an iProduct but would, Don’t have an iProduct but wouldn’t.

    I’ll be picking up Secret Six today thanks to Mathew.

    I loved how Batman #700 brought Batman Beyond into the same continuity of Damian Batman. Also loved the shout out with the McGinnis child.

  2. So Darkwing is spoofing Dark Knight Returns, One Year Later, and OMAC’s. I’m sure MegaVolt will write his own programing into the robots that make them evil now that he’s gone villain again.

  3. Great podcast as always, for those who want to listen (or re-listen) to the podcast with the authors of Atomic Robo it’s #95.

  4. Thank you all for getting me into Atomic Robo! Also I will be picking up Dark Wing Duck. I miss the cartoons.

  5. Recently got into Atomic Robo (Free Comic Day really works!) and have found another gem. It’s refreshingly funny and well written.Thaks for the podcast discussion. I’m looking forward to future volumes of this title.

    Interesting discussion too regarding Day and Date releases for digital comics and what Marvel is “testing”. It ocurred to me that what Marvel may actually be testing is whether the market will bear “day of release” premium pricing for the digital format, with an eventual reduction in price after some time. This would be similar to what Apple/music studios tried on iTunes with variable pricing, which by the way I don’t think turned out very well. Stephen has discussed a similar approach for movies (a plug for another of his podcasts: Coolness Roundup. Check it out!) where I think it would work but mostly because it’s a different audience and media. I have to agree though that the younger audience (I’m in my 40’s… old man) does have a preference for digital media regardless of quality; I hear it when I discuss with my teenaged kids the quality of an mp3 compared to a CD, and their response is that frankly they dont care because they have never consumed the music in the better format so it’s not part of their requirements as consumers. They apply the same thinking to comic books: they have never really “consumed” the product in the paper format, so they see the “digital” comic book as the “natural” and “obvious” choice for format since everything else they work with comes in that format. The fact that the apps from Comixology and others are really well-built and easy to use increases the appeal. On the other hand, I love to read books and have shared that with them since they were little kids; they love to read paper books but have shown little interest in the digital ebook format… Interesting times.

    • If you haven’t followed the MPAA recently, the actually WANT to release new movies in the home as close to release date as possible. I think Matthew mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was three for three on my wild ass predictions with only one more yet to be confirmed or denied (which we should know in a couple of weeks).

  6. I was reading the paper before starting my workday, and in the paper where results of a study about how young people (around 20) percieve and handle media (A study done in Belgium).

    some very strange conclussions came from that study.

    4.5 % of young poeple think that digital format will replace printed format.
    the wierd thing is that in all the other agegroups there is also a 4.5 percentile of poeple who think that way. So no difference there

    About one half of the subjects of the study said they’d rather read paper than digital format.

    And another conclussion: if the format is digital they preferr it to be accessable from their cell phones

    • off course Digital comics are almost non existant in Belgium (I mean translated ones, we can read the english ones off course)

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