Superman has been around for a very long time, and has had many things happen to him. On of which was the Superman Red/Superman Blue storyline that occurred in 1963, and then adapted again in 1998.

In the Superman Red/Superman Blue one-shot (February 1998), a trap created by the Cyborg-Superman caused Superman to split into two beings who represented different aspects of his personality, though each believed himself to be the original. Superman Blue was the more cerebral entity, preferring to think his way out of situations and actually solve problems with his mind as well as his powers. Superman Red was more trash, but also more decisive, preferring action over taking the time to think. Over time these two personalities grew more and more polarized and individual, to the point that neither entity wanted to become one Superman again.

This begs the question

Of the two, which Superman did you prefer more?

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  1. It’s weird, but the last few weeks, i haven’t been able to vote on the poll, it just shows the results the whole time. Maybe it’s because I use chrome, or something.

    • Scott Hunter on

      I got that with the poll a couple of weeks ago, in Firefox, but the problem hasn’t repeated since. Weird.

    • Last poll Stephen pointed out that emptying the cache would resolve this problem, said problem was created when the site crashed. Your memory cache still has the cookies from when you voted in previews polls, but since several were lost in the crash the site wont let you vote because it already has a vote from you for poll number 22 (random number) which is in fact poll 35 (again random number). The site believes you already voted at this moment.

  2. Scott Hunter on

    I’m reminded of the Star Trek episode ‘The Enemy Within’ in which Kirk is split into two beings, similar to the Red and Blue Supermen in personality. I’m also going to go with the message of that episode: Kirk needed both parts to be an effective captain, and Superman needs both his Red and Blue portions to be at his best – thus, I voted for Worst Event Ever!

    • That is exactly what I thought when I first read those back in the day and when reminded of them with this poll. I kind of wanted a fourth choice, he needs both to function with a bad picture of him being fused back together. BTW, darn you Scott Hunter for stealing my answer. Darn you to heck. }8^{J>

  3. Dragoskai the snarky review guy on

    Why oh WHY can’t Superman be Superman? I happen to enjoy the boy scout with his underwear on the outside to any of these incarnations! SHEESH!

  4. Never read it, but it reminds me of the Rebirth of Superman with the multiple Supermen, not good times.


  5. thedexter102 on

    So wait is Superman two-face now. Although I voted blue because he’s more like The Doctor. In a battle PICK THE GUY WITH THE TARDIS.

  6. I was probably one of the few folks that actually liked Supes during the “energy powers” phase. The “Red/Blue” Supes deal wasn’t that great.

  7. I have a feeling that any time a poll has a “worst ever” choice, as is a reader’s cynical nature, it’ll be a landslide.

  8. I’m not picking Comic Book Guy – it’s too cliche. Instead, I’ll pick Superman Blue because the sky blue & white color combination is nice. But that’s it.


    I just spent time last night reading about Superman Red & Blue on Wikipedia. Never read the story, but the character design caught my eye.

  10. Electric Superman Blue/Red was the storyline that got me into comics. Superman #132 was the first comic I ever bought. I saw it for sale at the newsagent at the train station and picked it up because I was intrigued. It wasn’t long before I was a full fledged comic reader picking up way too many books a month.
    I have a fondness for this storyline and have an electric blue Superman action figure on my desk. Goes to show that even the worst storyline or character can be someone’s favourite.

  11. litanyofthieves on

    Hmmm…. I’ve cleared my cache a couple times (Set to clear my history and cache every time I close firefox) I have a feeling that StumbleUpon won’t let me clear my cache completely.

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