Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Evan “Doc” Shaner


Doc Shaner enjoys sharing his love for all things Captain Marvel, and today’s latest entry is nicely done.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I spend at least half of my time thinking about Captain Marvel and the whole Shazam-verse. This is the first time I’ve drawn Mary Marvel, but I’m a big fan of the whole cast. I’d really love a chance at the book someday. In fact, I’m drawing a lot of Captain Marvel in this round of commissions so I think you guys are starting to figure me out.

The above piece is a commission from SpringCon, for Peter Krause of Power of Shazam and Irredeemable fame, who was also nice enough to send me a scan of this. I was incredibly humbled and excited that he asked for it as I was a big fan of his Shazam work growing up. Thanks Peter!

via Evan “Doc” Shaner