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  1. With all of the awesome villians in the Marvel U, a blind man with bat senses and a good acrobatics check is their ultimate? Meh…

  2. If the old adage “no one can hurt you as badly as those close to you” maybe Marvel has a point. It’s not about power, per se, but rather who can inflict the most devastation… They may have a good argument in an otherwise immeasurable “contest”.

  3. Astro Dinosaurus on

    I know Murdock has been leading The Hand but has he actually shown any inclination to doing “villainous” deeds? I haven’t really been following Daredevil but isn’t Fisk coming back (Considering The Hood is out) Could he be the one? Though in my mind Fisk is a bit overrated he’s the Twoface of Marvel… What do I know I’m certain Daken is going to bring WWIII. In any case DD as a villain does sound kinda nifty.

  4. DD hasn’t done evil things but he has had the Hand fight crooked cops with (I think) deadly force. I would guess that Marvel will be going for the angle of DD wants to do things his own way, thinking that he’s right, and will fight whoever is necessary to do it. There’s already been mention that he will have a run-in with Luke Cage. It could be an interesting direction but Norman Osborn as biggest villian in MU didn’t really work out to be that compelling – so I hope they don’t screw this up.

  5. Everyone else has been doing the hero turned villain thing. It’s about time marvel go into the act. And DD always did walk that edge pretty close. Seems like a natural progression. I’m always interested in how they return to status quo afterward.

  6. Yeah, I love Thanos, too. My fave of all the Marvel villains. Now this big, bad Daredevil is gonna have to do some nasty stuff to top Bullseye in Punisher Max. Not sure I wanna read about that…

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