Warner Bros. has announced that the writing trio of Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggeneheim have been hired to write a treatment for the film adaptation of DC Comics’ The Flash. For those wondering which Flash will be featured, one only has to look to the current Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns.  Yes, it will be Barry Allen, the character Johns is all soft and mushy for.

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  1. What is wrong with DC? Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. Seems like they like making movies out of people with no personality. Barry’s ok but Wally is awesome.

    • I agree, but Wally could not be Flash without Barry. Being Kid Flash is part of Wally’s backstory, and they could never simply use Wally without borrowing a ton of Barry’s origin story. So I’d rather see them flesh out Barry and make him interesting than see a Wally I don’t recognize.

      Plus, if DC/WB is serious about really bringing their franchises into full motion, we may yet see Wally (and his generation of heroes) in years to come.

  2. Katzedecimal on

    I agree with Brian. Now that DC has gotten a generation-and-a-half hooked on Wally West as the Flash, thanks to Justice League Unlimited and a quarter-century of very good character development, Johns wants to give it all up for Bland Barry. And he accuses us fans of living in the past? Hello!

  3. That picture of Barry/Flash is my least favorite Ross work. The peaked mask just weirds me out. It makes him look like a badly costumed luchadore.

    And I guess I’m in the minority. I prefer Barry Allen. More fun speed stuff, less whiny than Wally or Bart were. I like having Wally still around, I just don’t like having three “Flashes” around at the same time (Jay, Wally & Barry). Throw in Bart, Iris, Max and with the news that Jessie Tyler will be moving to the JLA from the JSA in her Jessie Quick guise and that really gives an over-abundance of really, really fast people in the DCU.

    • ~wyntermute~ on

      Yeah, he looks like he should be shouting “I am Senor BAGOCRAP, and I will break you over my KNEE~! LIKE SO~!!!!!” (Anybody here remember Mad TV?)

      Also, put my vote in the Wally column, though I _can_ see potential for Barry should he be given some sort of unique personality. :) The world LOVES “csi” types, and that’s Barry. Make him as weird as Gil Grissom, and SHAZAM~!

  4. But for most people, Barry Allen was the Flash. It would be a mistake to use Wally. Barry is just more interesting by being a police scientist. Even in Wally’s prime, the Flash tv show still used Barry. And that was when Wally was most interesting…winning the lotto, losing it, living with his mom…etc.

    • But for most people, Barry Allen was the Flash.

      I think you might want to reconsider that statement. Wally West has been The Flash since 1986 before taking the backseat this past year. That’s 23 years as the Scarlet Speedster, which means MOST people who have ever read The Flash and who are H’wood’s primary target audience for movie ticket sales have always known Wally as The Flash. It’s the same reason why so many people think of Green Lantern as John Stewart. For the legions of people who grew up and only know Green Lantern from the Justice League Animated Series, GL has always been a black guy with a military background and a cool haircut. Likewise, Flash in that series was Wally West…

      Sure there are those of us who are old enough to remember reading Crisis on Infinite Earths when it first came out, and saw the transition to Wally/Flash, we’re all old, and not at all who Hollywood is interested in.

      As far as The Flash is concerned, I really don’t think it makes that much difference if they use Wally or Barry, as most people don’t know who is under the mask, and I would bet if you asked the normal person on the street, they really wouldn’t give a crap either way.

      • John Stewart’s haircut was not cool. Ever. What would have been cool is if they had made him an architect like he is in the comics.


    • But for most people, Barry Allen was the Flash. It would be a mistake to use Wally.

      I don’t know that I agree with that statement in the least. Barry died when *I* STARTED reading comics. If most people reading were that old, we’d have a different publishing mentality entirely.

  5. Ok, well I can buy your Justice League cartoon thing, since it was Super Friends that got me to know the Flash. But if you were to make a Wally West movie, what do you do for origin? Give him Barry’s origin? Then you give him Barry’s job. Barry by far is the one you can do most cut and dry, and not promote cigarette smoking.

    Sorry I am argumentive on this, but Barry Flash is hands down my favorite Flash with Bart not far behind. Problem for Wally for me is, I don’t know his character even though I have his entire run. The Bill Loebs character was my favorite in case anyone is curious. Everyone who came in and wrote him, wrote him so entirely different.

    And I hear you on the John Stewart thing. I hope someday DC does GL Mosaic Rebirth, because I really liked that character once upon a time.

  6. Ravishing Richie on

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wally make a cameo in the movie and they can show Wally evolve into Kid Flash. Kid Flash then could be linked to Teen Titans…Hmmmm… DC could have their own little movie universe like Marvel is doing. I hope they plan the seeds to expand the movie universe. And they could have an ongoing Flash franchise if they make the Flash mantle a legacy character.

  7. I am mixed on shared comic book universes. A good Batman story rarely has the Flash. A good Superman story doesn’t need Aquaman. The problem I had with Iron Man 2 is I felt alot of stuff was forced in there.

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