Quite frankly, I don’t mind that people dress up and hang around Hollywood Boulevard hoping to make a few bucks posing with tourists.  However, there have been a few people who have gotten out of control and become violent over the last couple of years.  Looks like the city of Los Angeles is finally taking action and cracking down on those loitering and panhandling.

The guy playing “Hulk” is pretty out of control in the video, which is kind of ironic on the nose, don’t you think?

For those conspiracy theorists out there, stick this though under your aluminum hat and ponder it for the weekend: I know many Major Spoilerites have seen these people in action, and except for that guy dressed as Superman, the costumes and those inside are pretty unsavory. What if DC and Marvel plan to roll out there own official costumed heroes that are licensed and do charge money to tourists? You can find the Marvel heroes wandering around Universal Studios, why not other tourist destinations?


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  1. litanyofthieves on

    I don’t live in and have never been to Hollywood, so I can’t speak from personal experience; I don’t know what people’s experiences are regarding these people and how many are actually doing it; maybe it’s just a few bad apples, maybe it is more widespread than people think or say. As to the “Hulk” guy; a 10 second clip that could easily be taken out of context isn’t always the best way to tell if they really are out of control. He might have been upset because his buddy Batman just got arrested too.

    Obviously there’s a copyright issue here; but that’s not something that one should be arrested over.

    I also think arresting people for wearing Superhero costumes because they MIGHT be shaking people down for money is kinda like arresting women wearing tight or revealing clothing because they MIGHT be hookers. It’s one of those issues where there’s a high potential for abuse of the policy, and possibly a waste of police resources. I mean if you’re demanding tips and getting abusive (verbally or physically) I’m pretty sure that crosses a line into mugging.

    • Copyright issue? That’s what you come up with? They probably bought most of the costumes or quite honestly there wasn’t a need to need for the companies to go after them while they are behaving since it was pretty clear that they didn’t represent the companies. It would be like DC beating up a kid at a convention for cosplaying as Jonah Hex.

      Bigger issue is the harassment which would make people less likely to visit LA as a vacation destination.

      On a plus side, LA is no longer the US – so says the hulk. That’s a weight off my mind.

  2. SkrullBryan on

    At least they got to do it for 20 years. Someone doing that around here (KS) wouldn’t last 20 minutes.

    • SkrullBryan on

      I’m sure that no other crimes were being committed in the Greater Hollywood Area during the time it took to capture the elusive Dark Knight.

      • You would be surprised to find out how effective dealing with what some folks consider to be “minor” crimes are in making an effect on “real” crimes. And police officers don’t generally make arrests for what people “might” be doing. Rest assured that if there was a code 3 incident going on somewhere else, the Deadbeat Crusader would have still been on the loose.

  3. Their property, their money. Somebody’s got to pay the legal fees for cases like “Superboy” rights and Jack Kirby.

    Having been out to “Hollyweird” and seen the folks down around the Kodak Theater and the shopping center, I’m all for the PD clearing that area out even more. It was nice to go there and hear the stories of how the area “used to be” not too long ago but not have to deal with it. Plus the pudgy guy in the Batman suit looks too much like a perv…

  4. Yeah. Remember when I watched “Confessions of a Superhero”, I was amazed that these guys were walking around pretending to be licensed characters without any permission.

    To be honest, I thought it was kind of cool that the local authorities and the license owners allowed them to do it. Hopefully, what will happen will be a crackdown, some finger-wagging and then they’ll return to the strip a little more carefully than they left.

  5. Astro Dinosaurus on

    Not living in L.A or the US for that matter I cant vouch for this info. But I heard the reason the arrest were made was because of a pretty crazy increase in these guys. Like from 6 men and women to dozens running around. Which might have been the reason for the crackdown. In a weird way that kinda thing just shows you how popular Superheroes are these days.

  6. Not to be a grammar Nazi or anything but Stephen, your use of “Ironic” was wrong. It is not ironic that the guy playing the Hulk is mad and out of control, that is what is expected. What would be ironic is if the guy playing the hulk was cool, calm, and collected.

    This has been a lesson from a commenter.

          • Astro Dinosaurus on

            Fat joke? Not purposefully, but I did notice it after posting (post-posting?).
            Anyway at that point I was certain either you or Matthew were going to point it out.

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