Here’s a bit of really good news for those of us with an iPad – hey, just because we lost a two months worth of content, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna stop talking about the iPad – Marvel has announced that Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 will be available in stores and via the Marvel app on June 30, 2010.

“We’re pleased to offer readers two options to experience Matt Fraction’s absolutely thrilling work on Invincible Iron Man,” said David Gabriel, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Circulation. “Fans going to their local comic store can pick up the entire Invincible Iron Man Annual at a low price that day or all three chapters through the Marvel Comics app.”

I really wish companies like Marvel would publicly release information on downloads and actual sales numbers instead of keeping it a closely guarded secret.  Apple doesn’t hold back with how many units they sell, and McDonald’s isn’t bashful about boasting billions served, but having actual data on physical vs. digital sales might put a bigger spotlight on the viability and acceptance of digital comics, and whether or not we’ll see more comics getting a digital day of release treatment.

Oh, and regarding that “low price” comment above, I did contact Marve to inquire if the cover price would remain at $4.99 or if it would be lowered, and if the digital copy would be the same amount or lower.

Sorry, we can’t comment on the price right now—thanks!

Back when Marvel was quietly increasing titles from $2.99 to $3.99 I contacted the company with the same question, and received a very similar response.  If history repeats itself, and let’s face it, in comics it happens more often than not, the result will not favor the customer.

And then there is that nagging bit that says Marvel App customers can download “all three chapters”. Does this mean each digital chapter will be $1.99? In that case, the digital comic release will be more expensive than the physical one.  Sounds like someone is trying to kill the Day and Date release idea by sabotaging it before the concept is given a fair shake.

It’s just odd that everyone is keeping quiet about something that really should be out there for the consumer to make an informed decision. Or perhaps the omission is the company saying its customers can’t make informed decisions and will just do whatever they are told.

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  1. This is a bad move, the only thing holding alot of comic book fans from downloading illegal copies is the bad quality of the comics since no format has been made specifically for them, now marvel has created such a software… Not smart.

    • wha? Marvel has created a software that helps pirating how? Not sure what ‘third party’ d/l you have seen, but most i have seen are very high quality.

      Sure there are digital comic formats – cbr, cbz are the first two i can think of.

  2. I really don’t see marvel or any comics company making same day digital comics cheaper than traditional printed versions. There is no reason for them to compete against themselves and I imagine print version have much higher visible presence to customers than digital versions that appear on one store on one device.

  3. I personally find the DRM and device lock in to be completely unacceptable to consider marvel’s comic app

  4. I really don’t a dog in the fight since I neither have an iPad nor read Invincible Iron Man; however, I did like Sean T. Collins’ comment (

    “…it’s a way to get people who don’t want or can’t go to a comic shop, or to whom the very idea of buying print comics at a comic shop is totally irrelevant, to buy the book without incentivizing the people who do go to the shops every Wednesday to pick up the print version to ditch the shop and buy it online instead.”

    Since this announcement falls before the final order cutoff, I’m sure Marvel didn’t want the retailers to drastically cut their orders for the annual.

    • Plus in the thread on The Beat ( Brian Hibbs makes this observation:

      “Looking at Billboard, this week’s #1 album is “Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 – Showstoppers”. This album has, according to Amazon, a SRP of $14.97 for 20 tracks…. and Amazon is selling it for $11.99.

      You could buy the MP3 “album” for $13.99 from Amazon (or iTunes, for that matter) — or $2 MORE than the actual physical item from Amazon.

      OR you can buy the 20 tracks individually for $1.29 each — for $25.80 if you bought each track individually (not that many/anyone would do THAT), which is, what? 42% more?”

  5. The iPad form factor is just amazing for comics.

    While I do like the comic book shop experience, I find the digital downloads addicting. But I’ll try to hit the store from time to time to support them.

    Still no word on DC coming to iPad?

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