The Intardwebz lit up yesterday, as concept designs for Thor and Captain America hit the net that showcased what the costumes for the film might look like.  Both and Ain’t It Cool News ran the Captain America images saying their inside sources tell them these designs are what Chris Evans will wear as The First Avenger.  Later, images of Chris Hemsworth in Thor garb surfaced from other sites sparking speculation as to what is real and what is not.

Take the jump for a look, plus thoughts on the design.

First up, Captain America:

With the recent trend over the last couple of years to create a combination of spandex and leather for superhero costumes, Captain America’s is a perfect blend of stretchy and stiff. While it isn’t the shiny aluminum look Alex Ross introduced a few years ago, the sleek design should look great on screen.  It’s almost as if the designers combined the best parts of the original Cap costume, with the best parts of the Ultimate Captain America duds to something that stands alone.

Now, here’s Thor:

The Captain America images seem to be more definite than these, as the Thor costume design is tagged as concept art. However, it does match the details we saw in the first image release from a month or so ago.  The chest plate is way different than what we see in the comics in either the 616 or Ultimate universe, and that might not sit well with many.  This costume doesn’t look as nice as Captain America’s, as everything looks more plastic in nature.  Of course, this could just be the artist rendering, but I hope the armor looks more like armor when put before the lens.  There’s something that just doesn’t sit right with me at the moment, as this design makes Hemsworth look more like he’s ready for an ’80s heavy metal music video than kicking Asgardian ass.

Well Spoilerites, what do you think of all of this?  You did click on the images to make them bigger, didn’t you?

via Ain’t It Cool News and Screen Rant


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  1. America! **** Yeah! I’m really suprised at how modern and classic the costumes came out. I do kind of miss the wings on Cap’s head but I like how it looks like a modified Army helmet.

      • They should make the “wings” like a decal. I seem to remember that some units would put logos on their helmets. Why not cap. (Having them stick out would look like an alien from a bad sci fi movie thoug.)

  2. The Captain America costume is more like the Ultimates version of Cap, which is OK. The classic Cap uniform is hard to reproduce as a movie costume so that’s understood.

    The top of the Thor costume looks good. The leggings and “modern” style boots, not so much.

  3. brainypirate on

    It’s amazing how these movie costumes influence my comic-reading — I wish all the men’s costumes would be redesigned to use pants instead of tights and trunks. (I may be the only person besides Gary Frank who likes his LSH re-designs.)

  4. I do think it matters when Captain America is wearing this uniform.

    If it is the modern era, I think it looks fine. I like the modified Army helmet and am fine with the brown gloves & boots over red. It’s odd not seeing the wings but likely all the better for it.

    If this is intended to be the original costume in a World War II era, it looks way too modern and sophisticated. I would not approve of it for that time period.

    Thor’s costume looks too modern, period. He doesn’t necessarily have to look barbaric but I don’t think the look should come across as body-armor, just armor.

  5. If they couldn’t go with a classic leather and fur costume for Thor then this modern look is great. It kind of shows the norse gods kept up with the times and did not stay in the 15th century. Good look for Cap as well.

    • brainypirate on

      I would assume the Norse Gods probably weren’t wearing 15th century clothes back in the 6th century (and clearly they weren’t still wearing 6th century clothes in the 15th), so it’s probably safe to presume they’ve always kept up with the times — contra what their comic-book “chroniclers” may have shown….

  6. Astro Dinosaurus on

    If its a modern era Cap….You did a decent job lads.
    If its WWII cap I’m disappointed. The Ultimates had that down, and I’ve even seen better variations of it online.

    Regarding Thor.
    I would have liked something that looked a bit more archaic.
    But if we are going to go the Stargate route (Which makes the most sense) Then the modernity is allowed and this is a pretty great design. Still though It could have looked a bit more armor-ish and still have been suitable for a Space-God.

    • The main problem with armour in Thor’s clothes (not a costume as these are his everyday clothes) is that really archaic wear would have include only leather and fur. As the ages passed so would what the Gods wore. so at what point do you give him chain mail or steel plate, flack jacket, bullet proof vest. It could never end trying to keep him archaic as well as modern. So just what would a “god” wear as street clothes. Still like the look.

  7. justanothergeek on

    Cap’s uniform looks great specially the helmet, didn’t like Thor’s though, too modern movie superhero for me, I thought they were trying to do a more epic instead of superhero approach, plus it looks too much like a costume, they should be more “Clash of Titans” and less “X-Men – The Movie”, costume-wise that is.

    • I still think Jean Paul Levesque would have made a good Thor.

      I don’t know that his linguistic or acting chops are up to the task… Trips is physically intimidating, and he has the hair, but I’m not sure that Thor would work with his vaguely Nor’easter dialect and his verbal tics. Listen critically some time, and you will find several linguistic similarities between Levesque in character and Seth McFarlane as Peter Griffen. It’s quite fun once you hear it…

  8. The Cap costume looks great. Very realistic for the way designers have been making superhero costumes look the last few years. Especially, if it is the modern day costume. Looks like he’s really geared up for battle.

    As for some of the comments about the “head wings”…realistically? Cap would have to get a new mask after ever fight because they would more than likely get broken or knocked off…;-)

    And, the Thor costume? One word….BLAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! LOL!

  9. wasn’t the Cap movie supposed to be set during the second world war? The costume seems a bit too modern for that…

  10. I really like the gloves for the Cap costume, for some reason. Overall, it seems like it’s been well thought through.

    Considering that the Thor costume is still in development, I think they have a decent thing going. I just have the problem with the boots and gauntlets – too Dark Knight-esque for a Norse God.

  11. I think that Cap is looking alot like Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, just with the mask added.

    As for Thor it looks too much like the Dark Knight’s Batman costume, he is a freaking God of Thunder, why does he need a motorcycle-like suit? Oh god no, not the Thunder Cycle!

  12. As others have said, Cap’s costume is incredible if it is the 21st century version. If this is what he wore during WWII, it is way out of its time. For the WWII era, it could be a mix of chainmail for the upper body, and navy colored leather pants or something. I suppose they did have rubber suits (wikipedia says that neoprene was invented in 1930…who knew??) and such at the time, but it just doesn’t seem to fit.

    As for Thor, the pants should be made of brown leather or the like, and the boots would be cool if made of metal. Thor isn’t sneaking around in battle…the god of thunder doesn’t need rubber soled boots.

  13. hercules in ny on

    Cap makes me think of Rodrigo’s rant about how to “Ultimate”-ize a costume with needless ribbing and piping.

  14. Is anyone else getting a “Casino Magician” vibe off of Thor’s outfit. Also, I don’t know if it’s really prudent to assume that Asgardian’s are really staying toe-to-toe with Midgard on “our” fashin sense and armaments. They are perpetually in a loop with Ragnarok basically resetting the world so they can do it all over again. Any depiction of Thor I’ve seen generally keeps him in more traditional metal/leather/fur armors, not Kevlar and machine guns. It’s not like after all this time traveling around Midgard, that he even starts using much of the vernacular, the guy still spouts off “verily” and “forsooth” on occasion. Basically to me it just feels too modern for what I know of Asgard. I echo others sentiments about Cap’s outfit looking fine for now, but look at the style during WWII, what Cap’s wearing should look really cool for the time, but doesn’t have to look like it was made today. Also, if that’s the WWII outfit, you know that when he joins the current time period and the Avengers, they’ll have to update his costume again to make it more current and what’ll they do to his look at that point.

  15. I thought Thor had a business suit on til I magnified it-now it just looks like biker leathers with a cape. Geez, just to the clasic you boobs.
    As for Cap, OK but if you’re gonna wear a cartridge belt @#$%^ing well CARRY SOMETHING IN IT AND USE IT NOW AND AGAIN.

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