Marvel sent Major Spoilers a preview of the upcoming Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1 by the creative team of Ed Brubaker and Dale Eaglesham.

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Variant Cover by DAVID FINCH
Sketch Variant by DAVID FINCH

In this sequel to the chart-topping Captain America: Reborn, Steve Rogers must face dark secrets from his past that threaten the future of the entire world. No fan can afford to miss this landmark limited series with far-reaching consequences for the Marvel Universe!

The $3.99 issue arrives July 8, 2010.

via Marvel


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  1. Wow, he traded his shield for a little satchel he wears on his back? Anyone know what’s in that thing?

    I heard when Bruce Wayne comes back he’s going to wear a fanny pack.

    • U.S. Soliders do not wear a “sachel”. It’s a backpack and the other straps are part of a modified “ALICE” (All Purpose Lightweight Individual Carry Equipment) pack system that allows him to pack gear, containers and weapons in different configurations as needed. It allows military personnel to configure their carry gear efficiently and to allow you carry as much or as little gear as needed for a mission. That equipment and the boots are some realistic details that I like about this new direction for the Steve Rogers character. HOOOHA!

      And I’m on the “Steve Rogers can kick Bruce Wayne’s ass” side of that discussion as well. The “Dark Knight” mystique doesn’t have much effect on a man that’s lived through the horrors of war.

      • … because he managed the act of climbing a building, sliding/jumping off of the building, firing a grappling hook and swinging into a different building? Good thing, too, ’cause there’s no way Bruce Wayne could manage something *that* extreme.

        I also don’t think that’s an “ALICE” … it’s clearly just a standard issue government counter-terrorism satchel similar to the one issued to Jack Bauer. He’s probably also got a cell phone or other communications device to contact a computer geek back at his headquarters that’ll supply him with intel when he needs it. (You want a modified ALICE, you look at Bruce Wayne’s belt.)

        And, for the record, in the Bruce Wayne / Steve Rogers fight, it would go to Bruce 6 times out of 10 because a) Bruce is used to fighting people a lot stronger than Steve who also aren’t particularly intimidated by his ‘Dark Knight’ mystique, and b) Bruce isn’t afraid to fight dirty.

        • You did NOT just compare Steve Rogers to Jack Bauer! That is like comparing James Bond to Matt Helm (damn, I just dated myself there…).

          This was fun. Almost as mindless and purposeless as the “Ultimate Warrior” series on SPIKE TV but still entertaining.

  2. I’m going to have to work hard to get used to Steve doing the Daredevil routine and not having his shield. I know I need to adapt and move on with life, but… …

    • I’m going to have to work hard to get used to Steve doing the Daredevil routine and not having his shield.

      Didn’t Steve retrive his “hard-light” photon shield from his wrecked apartment over in New Avengers?

      • I think he did but I believe that the writers dropped that like a hot rock. I think they’re trying to take Rogers in a different direction from Captain America so I’m glad to see them going with other weapons and tools and leaving the shield to Barnes.

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