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Carpet Bomb Comics, founded by Small Press Idol 2009 winner Erik Hendrix and fellow Small Press Idol Alumni Michael Nelsen are getting ready to release their first two books into the market, Faction issue 1 (follow up to the Small Press Idol winning project) by Erik Hendrix, Arnie Gordon, Jon Bolerjack, and Giuseppe Pica, and The Citizens, by Erik Hendrix, Michael Nelsen, and Ibrahim Mustafa.

Of Faction, says, the “plot-line, character development, and dialogue is wonderful… Erik… has done an incredible job of writing a script that, while having complex characters, and concepts, never seems to become overwhelming” and describes as “the start of an epic and global supernatural adventure.”

Faction tells the story of a former Marine, Acker Kinney, who loses an arm in conflict only to find himself attacked by a demonic minion, saved by a secret society, and wrapped into a struggle between warring Factions in the backdrop of the near future. The schemes of gods, the desires of demons, the powers of nature, myth, and the supernatural – all set forth to control a world the Society has sworn to protect. This is Faction. The Citizens tells the story of a group who has decided the best way to protect humanity, is to control humanity, by any means they deem necessary. Tired of this totalitarian action, and sitting idly by while those who have sworn to save lives have taken a dark turn, Kenneth Hastings must enlist some old friends if he hopes to set things right, even if they resist the call. This is the first issue in a twelve-part twisting saga of death, mystery, passion, change, and the invention of a new age of heroes.

How you can help out!

Carpet Bomb Comics is offering presales for their two books in several formats including a bundle of Faction, allowing fans to get both the zero issue which won them Small Press Idol 2009 and the follow up, Faction issue 1. With the Citizens, you can get the standard cover, a limited variant only available at SDCC (purchase with the regular cover), and a special bundle with a limited edition print included. You can read full descriptions of the offers over at

Presales are open through June 22nd.

Carpet Bomb Comics has also trying to raise money for their printing through by offering signed copies of books as well as some unique bundles for fans. is a website that helps raise money and awareness for independent artists and creators. You can pledge money to help the Carpet Bomb Comics books get into print. You can pledge whatever you want, but starting at $10, there are perks! Check out the Carpet Bomb Comics KickStarter project page at
The KickStarter project closes on June 20th.


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