Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon have teamed with Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes for the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action movie that will reboot the franchise.  Writers have not been hired yet, though we should get news on that in a few weeks.   With Megan Fox out of the picture on Transformers 3, she might want to suck up to Bay to see if he’ll allow the director of the movie to hire her on as April O’Neil.

via Deadline


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  1. I still don’t understand why they need to reboot or why they’re going back to live action. TMNT was my favorite movie next to the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  2. So are the Turtles gonna be in the Army so Bay can have his trademark swarms of heavy artillery, slow-motion city-wide explosions, and gratuitous military presence? Becasue I can’t see him getting behind any project that lacks the chance to give us 2+ hours of nothing but. Also, which one will be the jive-talkin’ blackspoitation Turtle?

      • And do nothing interesting and not have her name revealed until an hour and a half into the movie?

        Naaah, they won’t even bother with her name, they’ll just put her in a skin-tight yellow outfit and let the fans fill in the blanks.

        Also, since it’s a Bay movie, they’ll be changing the names, and he’s decided that Rocksteady is a better hero name, so Raphael will be called that. The others will the Leonidas, Marrakesh and Jim (who will have enormous mutant testicles.) Also important, Splinter is now an alien robot from the future, and Shredder will be played by Sean Connery (who will have to submit a screen test.)

        Seriously, this is the man who hired Megan “Looks Like That Bitchy Old Navy Commercial Mannequin Without The Acting Range” Fox on sight but made Peter frickin’ Cullen AUDITION for the role that he made iconic in the first place???

  3. I am beginning to really dislike the word “reboot” when it comes to movies. With a few notable exceptions (“The Dark Knight” was better than the first “Batman”) most recasting and “reimagining” of comic-based movies don’t go well.

    • I think reboot is a better word. They don’t “re-imagine” anything… They take an idea that someone else already imagined and they slowly and meticulously murder it. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were, to my mind, actual re-imaginings. Those movies gave us something new and explored the characters in a way that hadn’t been done on film before. Bay’s insulting films were nothing but four collective hours of swill and exploitative digital celluloid. He clearly doesn’t understand the need for character development or for representative characters; he’s more interested in visual effects and multimillion dollar B-Movies. But who can blame him? I certainly can’t. The audience drinks up the snake oil that he’s selling. The only way to prevent these kinds of atrocities from happening is to stay out of the theatres when they end up there… but let’s be realistic here. More people will go and complain rather than abstain. But if you go the damage is already done. You can complain all you want; the companies already have your money.

      Wow… I’m Ranty McGee today…

      • Oh and I’m pissed that he’s got his hands on TMNT. I’m tired of him ruining the good shows from my youth… what’s next? He kills Thundercats?

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