Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Jose Carlo G. Mendoza


It’s always interesting to see a real life interpretation of a cartoon character. Today, Jose Carlo G. Mendoza takes a crack at Jessica Rabbit.

okies!!!here it is!!!it’s actually been 4 days since im done with this…i just give myself time to enjoy

this is done with pentel water color on berkeley board….

i had trouble painting her still not yet ok with a big part of a skin…

this one is a bit like a mixed media…i used white acrylic for the sparkles of her dress and the brightest part of her hair and some on the lips..

i made her boobs..yeah kinda looks too high cause imagine it was squeezed between her arm and the cleopatra sofa…and the shadows that fall on her arm…

i did some changes on her face…esp the nose and the lid…and i minimize the plumpness of her lower lip….

via Deviant Art